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Tel: +31 88 7568051, Fax: +31 88 7569028, Email: Search for more papers by this author Hoes Arno W. Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Rutten, Frans H., Hoes, Arno W.

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Letter to the EditorAuthors Gastelurrutia Paloma, Corresponding authorICREC Research Group Health Research Institute Germans Trias i Pujol Carretera Canyets s/n, Badalona, Spain Tel: +34 649406427 ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Gastelurrutia, Paloma, Lupón, Josep, Bayes‐Genis, Antoni

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Left cardiac sympathetic denervation for treatment of symptomatic systolic heart failure patients: a pilot study Tel: +55 11 3069 5307, Fax +55 11 3069 5502, Email: Search ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Conceição‐Souza, Germano Emílio, Pêgo‐Fernandes, Paulo Manuel, Cruz, Fatima das Dores, Guimarães, Guilherme Veiga, Bacal, Fernando, Vieira, Marcelo Luiz ...

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The most common arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation, but antiarrhythmic drugs in patients with heart failure are sparse, have major side effects (e.g. amiodarone), or are even contraindicated like ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Maier, Lars S.

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Improved pharmacological therapy of chronic heart failure in primary care: a randomized Study of NT‐proBNP Guided Management of Heart Failure – SIGNAL‐HF (Swedish Intervention study – ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Persson, Hans, Erntell, Hans, Eriksson, Björn, Johansson, Gunilla, Swedberg, Karl, Dahlström, Ulf

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Tel: +49 6221 568676, Fax: +49 6221 565515, Email: or Search for more papers by this author Abstract Aims The aim of the ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Pleger, Sven T., Schulz‐Schönhagen, Marius, Geis, Nicolas, Mereles, Derliz, Chorianopoulos, Emmanuel, Antaredja, Muliadi, Lewening, Markus, Katus, Hugo A., ...

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Adherence to angiotensin‐converting‐enzyme inhibitors and illness beliefs in older heart failure patients Tel: +44 1786 46 7655, Fax: +44 1786 46 7641, Email: Search for ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Molloy, Gerard J., Gao, Chuan, Johnston, Derek W., Johnston, Marie, Witham, Miles D., Struthers, Allan D., McMurdo, Marion E.T.

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Tel: +33 1 42 16 30 03, Fax: +33 1 42 16 30 20, Email: Search for more papers by this author Böhm Michael, Universitätskliniken des Saarlandes, Klinik für Innere Medizin ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Komajda, Michel, Böhm, Michael, Borer, Jeffrey, Ford, Ian, Krum, Henry, Tase, Adrian, Tavazzi, Luigi, Swedberg, Karl

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Permanent left atrial pacing therapy may improve symptoms in heart failure patients with preserved ejection fraction and atrial dyssynchrony: a pilot study prior to a national clinical research ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Laurent, Gabriel, Eicher, Jean Christophe, Mathe, Anaëlle, Bertaux, Géraldine, Barthez, Olivier, Debin, Régine, Billard, Clotilde, Philip, Jean Luc, Wolf, Jean ...

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TreatmentAuthors Tang Chao-Hsiun, School of Health Care Administration, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, TaiwanSearch for more papers by this author Chen Tso-Hsiao, Department of Internal Medicine, ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Tang, Chao‐Hsiun, Chen, Tso‐Hsiao, Wang, Chia‐Chen, Hong, Chuang‐Ye, Huang, Kuan‐Chih, Sue, Yuh‐Mou

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