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Several studies suggest that such modulation of MMP activity can alter ventricular remodeling, myocardial dysfunction, and the progression of heart failure. KeywordsExtracellular matrixGene ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Yun You Li, Charles F. McTiernan, Arthur M. Feldman

Date : 01/05/2000 Item size : 466619 bytes

Insulin-like growth factor-1 mediates stretch-induced upregulation of myostatin expression in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes Addition of the p38 mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase inhibitor ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Kou-Gi Shyu, Wei-Hsu Ko, Wei-Shiung Yang, Bao-Wei Wang, Peiliang Kuan

Date : 01/12/2005 Item size : 269233 bytes

Abstract Objective: Primary cardiac myocyte cultures are usually contaminated with variable parts of different cell types, such as fibroblasts, endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells. [...]the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Claudius Diez, Andreas Simm

Date : 01/12/1998 Item size : 249350 bytes

Abstract Objective: The cardiac ankyrin repeat protein (CARP), a nuclear transcription co-factor that negatively regulates cardiac gene expression, is increased in human heart failure and in animal ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Oliver Zolk, Michael Marx, Elmar Jäckel, Ali El-Armouche, Thomas Eschenhagen

Date : 01/09/2003 Item size : 258892 bytes

Methods: 2K-1C hypertension was induced in male SpragueDawley rats weighing 100125 g by placing a silver clip (internal diameter 0.25 mm) around the left renal artery through a flank ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Liliana G. Bianciotti, Adolfo J. de Bold

Date : 01/03/2001 Item size : 226147 bytes

Systemic crude E. coli LPS administration decreased mtDNA copy number and mtDNA gene transcription in rat heart caused by oxidant deletion of mtDNA. The fall in copy number was reflected in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Research Article, Hagir B. Suliman, Karen E. Welty-Wolf, MarthaSue Carraway, Lynn Tatro, Claude A. Piantadosi

Date : 01/11/2004 Item size : 316915 bytes

Abstract Objective: Determine the effect of a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor (MMPi) and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEi) on collagen, MMP, tissue inhibitors of MMPs (TIMPs) ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Hua Li, Heather Simon, Thomas M.A. Bocan, J.Thomas Peterson

Date : 01/05/2000 Item size : 289140 bytes

Methods and results Using yeast two-hybrid assays with a human heart cDNA library, we identified atrial natriuretic peptide precursor A (NPPA), a well-known cardiac hypertrophy marker, as a novel ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Shokoufeh Mahmoodzadeh, Thi Hang Pham, Arne Kuehne, Britta Fielitz, Elke Dworatzek, Georgios Kararigas, George Petrov, Mercy M. Davidson, Vera ...

Date : 01/12/2012

Estrogen receptor-α gene transfer into bovine aortic endothelial cells induces eNOS gene expression and inhibits cell migration Abstract Objectives: It has been suggested that estrogen may ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Enqing Tan, Milind V Gurjar, Ram V Sharma, Ramesh C Bhalla

Date : 15/08/1999

Methods and results Profilin-1 was elevated in multiple mouse models of hypertrophy, and a cardiomyocyte-specific increase of profilin in Drosophila resulted in significantly larger heart tube ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Viola Kooij, Meera C. Viswanathan, Dong I. Lee, Peter P. Rainer, William Schmidt, William A. Kronert, Sian E. Harding, David A. Kass, Sanford I. Bernstein, ...

Date : 15/05/2016