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Abstract Aims Various pathological conditions can alter cardiac electrophysiological properties not only by physiological responses but also by modifying the gene expression of ion channels ...

Europace, GENETICS, Yu-ki Iwasaki, Takeshi Yamashita, Akiko Sekiguchi, Seiji Hatano, Kouichi Sagara, Hiroyuki Iinuma, Long-Tai Fu, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Takao Katoh, Teruo Takano

Date : 01/11/2006 Item size : 173152 bytes

Abstract Background: Plasma low density lipoproteins (LDL) play a key role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Methods: Expression levels of C-4 sterol methyl oxidase gene (ERG25), sterol ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, C. Rodriguez, B. Raposo, J. Martínez-González, V. Llorente-Cortés, G. Vilahur, L. Badimon

Date : 01/04/2003 Item size : 279838 bytes

Induction of pulmonary connective tissue growth factor in heart failure is associated with pulmonary parenchymal and vascular remodeling Results: Seven days after induction of myocardial infarction ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Mohammad Shakil Ahmed, Erik Øie, Leif Erik Vinge, Thomas G. von Lueder, Toril Attramadal, Håvard Attramadal

Date : 01/05/2007 Item size : 314548 bytes

Abstract Objective: Determine the effect of a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor (MMPi) and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEi) on collagen, MMP, tissue inhibitors of MMPs (TIMPs) ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Hua Li, Heather Simon, Thomas M.A. Bocan, J.Thomas Peterson

Date : 01/05/2000 Item size : 289140 bytes

Introduction Endothelin-1 (ET-1) plays an important role in various cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease (CAD), pulmonary hypertension (PH), and high-altitude disease14 through its ...

Cardiovascular Research, ORIGINAL ARTICLES: SPOTLIGHT ON SMOOTH MUSCLE CELLS AND VASCULAR DISEASES, Tetsuya Hisada, Makoto Ayaori, Nobuhiro Ohrui, Hiroshi Nakashima, Kazuhiro Nakaya, Harumi ...

Date : 15/07/2012

Abstract Aims We have recently shown that urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA) increases oxidative stress (OS), cholesterol biosynthesis, and paraoxonase 2 (PON2) expression in macrophages via ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Bianca Fuhrman, Anna Gantman, Jasmin Khateeb, Nina Volkova, Sven Horke, Julia Kiyan, Inna Dumler, Michael Aviram

Date : 01/10/2009

Methods: Subepicardial (epi), midmyocardial (mid), and subendocardial (endo) sections of the left ventricular free wall from end-stage failing (n=17) and nonfailing (n=5) human hearts were analyzed ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Jürgen Prestle, Sabine Dieterich, Michael Preuss, Ursula Bieligk, Gerd Hasenfuss

Date : 01/08/1999

Abstract Objective: To characterize the cardiac angiotensin and endothelin (ET) system in compensated left ventricular hypertrophy due to long standing arterial hypertension and to assess the role of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Oliver Zolk, Jessika Quattek, Ute Seeland, Ali El-Armouche, Thomas Eschenhagen, Michael Böhm

Date : 01/02/2002

Abstract Objective: In immature animal hearts, lower activity of sarcoplasmic reticulum and lower densities of Ca2+ channels highlight the potentially vital role of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger (NCX) to ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Yongxia Qu, Ashwini Ghatpande, Nabil El-Sherif, Mohamed Boutjdir

Date : 01/03/2000

Fate-mapping studies indicate that VSMCs of the coronary artery are derived from the proepicardium and the proepicardial mesothelium, which represent somatic and splanchnic tissues of lateral plate ...

Cardiovascular Research, Vascular biology, Omar El-Mounayri, Anton Mihic, Eric A. Shikatani, Mark Gagliardi, Sarah K. Steinbach, Nicole Dubois, Ralph DaCosta, Ren-Ke Li, Gordon Keller, Mansoor Husain

Date : 01/04/2013