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In this review, we summarize the evidence for and against the PKC hypothesis of preconditioning, discuss the important technical limitations currently hampering PKC research, and suggest new ...

Cardiovascular Research, Simkhovich, Boris Z., Przyklenk, Karin, Kloner, Robert A.

Date : 01/10/1998 Item size : 479723 bytes

Abstract Objective: Chronic β-adrenergic stimulation of the cAMP-dependent signalling pathway is implicated in functionally relevant expressional changes in congestive heart failure. Time for ...

Cardiovascular Research, Müller, Frank U, Bokník, Peter, Knapp, Jörg, Linck, Bettina, Lüss, Hartmut, Neumann, Joachim, Schmitz, Wilhelm

Date : 01/10/2001 Item size : 262527 bytes

The exposure of serum-free HECs to N-LDL was able to elicit a time- and dose-dependent increase of protein kinase C (PKC) activity that, along with the activation of the Raf/mitogen-activated protein ...

Cardiovascular Research, Pintus, Gianfranco, Tadolini, Bruna, Posadino, Anna M, Sanna, Bastiano, Debidda, Marcella, Carru, Ciriaco, Deiana, Luca, Ventura, Carlo

Date : 01/10/2003 Item size : 299130 bytes

Time for primary review 29 days. 1 Introduction Aldosterone (Aldo) plays an essential role in regulation of body sodium and potassium homeostasis by acting on epithelial tissues such as kidney and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Delcayre, Claude, Silvestre, Jean-Sébastien

Date : 01/07/1999 Item size : 215589 bytes

Jang-Whan BAE (Cheongju, KR) 14:00 P3179 Impact of renin-angiotensin system genetic polymorphisms on short- and long-term survival rates in patients with severe pressure overload cardiomyopathy ...

Poster session 4: Cardiac biology: genes and cells

Date : 30/08/2010 Item size : 173662 bytes

Previous studies have demonstrated protective role of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) genes in regulating atherosclerosis and hypertension. Aim of the present study was to identify role of LASS5 ...

Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology, 莖ban, Neslihan, Gl� Geyik, Filiz, Y齦d齬齧, 謟lem, Erginel 躰altuna, Nihan

Date : 02/01/2019 Item size : 26337 bytes

INTRODUCTION Arterial hypertension is a cardiovascular disorder characterized by altered vascular tone and increased vascular contractility. Proliferation, migration of vascular smooth muscle cells ...

Revista Española de Cardiología

Date : 01/08/2005 Item size : 93821 bytes

Adenoviral overexpression of DMPK E, the isoform upregulated in heart failure, resulted in severe loss of sarcomeres in vitro, and transgenic mice overexpressing DMPK E displayed disruption of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Damanafshan, Amin, Elzenaar, Ies, Samson-Couterie, Benoit, van der Made, Ingeborg, Bourajjaj, Meriem, van den Hoogenhof, Maarten M, van Veen, Henk A, Picavet, Daisy I, ...

Date : 01/09/2018 Item size : 380406 bytes

Abstract Aims Immune cell function involves energy-dependent processes including growth, proliferation, and cytokine production. Since the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a crucial regulator ...

Cardiovascular Research, Jansen, Thomas, Kröller-Schön, Swenja, Schönfelder, Tanja, Foretz, Marc, Viollet, Benoit, Daiber, Andreas, Oelze, Matthias, Brandt, Moritz, Steven, Sebastian, ...

Date : 01/12/2018 Item size : 347411 bytes

Counterintuitively, these mice developed severe dilated cardiomyopathy associated with congestive heart failure and premature death. [...]cardiomyocytes overexpressing Dyrk1a display ...

Cardiovascular Research, Hille, Susanne, Dierck, Franziska, Kühl, Constantin, Sosna, Justyna, Adam-Klages, Sabine, Adam, Dieter, Lüllmann-Rauch, Renate, Frey, Norbert, Kuhn, Christian

Date : 01/06/2016 Item size : 474341 bytes