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Abstract Aims Both elevated inflammatory activity and sustained tachycardia reflect unfavourable cardiovascular risk profiles, and there is evidence to suggest the deleterious effects of inflammation ...

European Heart Journal, Ó Hartaigh, Bríain, Bosch, Jos A., Carroll, Douglas, Hemming, Karla, Pilz, Stefan, Loerbroks, Adrian, Kleber, Marcus E., Grammer, Tanja B., Fischer, Joachim E., Boehm, ...

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Abstract Aim To investigate sex differences in clinical presentation in younger and older patients hospitalised with a wide spectrum of acute coronary syndromes (ACS). Methods and results We ...

European Heart Journal, Rosengren, Annika, Wallentin, Lars, Gitt, Anselm K., Behar, Solomon, Battler, Alexander, Hasdai, David

Date : 01/04/2004 Item size : 194623 bytes

Introduction The purpose of this review is to provide the readership of the journal with a comprehensive overview of the clinically most relevant publications in the field of cardiovascular imaging ...

European Heart Journal, Sechtem, Udo, Tanner, Felix C., Gaemperli, Oliver

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Long-term prognostic value of resting heart rate in patients with suspected or proven coronary artery disease The purpose of this study was to explore the prognostic value of heart rate in patients ...

European Heart Journal, Diaz, Ariel, Bourassa, Martial G., Guertin, Marie-Claude, Tardif, Jean-Claude

Date : 01/05/2005 Item size : 227270 bytes

Genetically elevated non-fasting triglycerides and calculated remnant cholesterol as causal risk factors for myocardial infarction Genetic variants which differed in frequency between the two ...

European Heart Journal, Jørgensen, Anders Berg, Frikke-Schmidt, Ruth, West, Anders Sode, Grande, Peer, Nordestgaard, Børge G., Tybjærg-Hansen, Anne

Date : 21/06/2013

Introduction Patients with stable ischaemic heart disease (SIHD) and moderate to severe ischaemia are at increased risk of death and myocardial infarction (MI) when compared with those with no or ...

European Heart Journal, Fassa, Amir-Ali, Wijns, William, Kolh, Philippe, Steg, Philippe Gabriel

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See page 10 for the editorial comment on this article (doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehu306) Introduction Coronary heart disease (CHD) remains a leading cause of death and disability in Europe and the ...

European Heart Journal, Martin, Seth S., Khokhar, Arif A., May, Heidi T., Kulkarni, Krishnaji R., Blaha, Michael J., Joshi, Parag H., Toth, Peter P., Muhlestein, Joseph B., Anderson, Jeffrey L., ...

Date : 01/01/2015

[...]anatomical correlation between the retinal lesions and coronary artery disease has been less studied. Results: Multivariate analysis of the data obtained showed that the presence of grade II ...

Cardiovascular Research, Marina Breysse, M, Piqueras Flores, J, Lopez Lluva, MT, Pinilla Echeverri, N, Lopez Mesa, I, Estero Serrano De La Cruz, H, Gonzalez Garcia, A, Sanchez Perez, I, Benezet, J, ...

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Anna AHIMASTOS (Melbourne, AU) 14:00 P5444 Periinterventional management of novel oral anticoagulants: results of the prospective Dresden NOAC registry Jan BEYER-WESTENDORF (Dresden, DE) 14:00 P5445 ...

Poster Session 7: Intervention/ Peripheral circulation

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Independent predictors of survival and event free survival Ivana BORGES (Rio De Janeiro, BR) 08:30 111 Measurement of subjective feelings of pain after setting transradial band with nurses involved ...

Poster Session I: Acute cardiac care/ Ischaemic heart disease and revascularisation

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