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In Case 2, the premature ventricular contractions could be induced by a sudden fall of heart rate, e.g. after a Valsalva manoeuvre, and could be suppressed by voluntary increase of heart rate by up ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, T G Pickering, N E Miller

Date : 01/02/1977

A screening examination including an electrocardiogram (limb leads only) coded by the Minnesota Code, using rigorous quality control was done on 18 403 male civil servants aged 40 to 64. The results ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, G Rose, P J Baxter, D D Reid, P McCartney

Date : 01/06/1978

Effect of parasympathetic impairment on the haemodynamic response to handgrip in Chagas's heart disease. Haemodynamic responses to sustained isometric exercise (handgrip at 30% of maximum voluntary ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J A Marin-Neto, B C Maciel, L Gallo Júnior, L F Junqueira Júnior, D S Amorim

Date : 01/02/1986

At the end of 3 minutes of Bruce Stage I exercise, group A patients had a heart rate less than 130/minute (95% confidence level), whereas group B patients had heart rates greater than ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, W Holden, J H McAnulty, S H Rahimtoola

Date : 01/08/1978

A 51-year-old woman with no history of heart disease presented to the emergency room complaining of chest pain of 48 h duration and sudden onset of severe dyspnoea.

Heart, Images in cardiology, Roland R Brandt, Albrecht Elsaesser, Christian W Hamm

Date : 01/05/2007

Catriona J Bhagra1, Rohan D'Souza2, Candice K Silversides1 1Division of Cardiology, University of Toronto Pregnancy and Heart Disease Program, Mount Sinai Hospital and University Health Network, ...

Heart, Education in Heart, Catriona J Bhagra, Rohan D'Souza, Candice K Silversides

Date : 01/02/2017

The association between QT interval and cardiac risk factors and mortality in a middle aged Finnish population of 5598 men and 5119 women was evaluated over a 23 year follow up. Nomogram-corrected ...

Heart, Research Article, J. Karjalainen, A. Reunanen, P. Ristola, M. Viitasalo

Date : 01/06/1997