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Watch the webinar recording Lars Rydén, Christina Jarnert and Oliver Schnell This course focuses on diagnostic and therapeutic considerations for patients with acute coronary syndromes and ...

Date : 06/05/2013

Learning objectives The participants will learn how to: detect cardiotoxicity by echocardiography identify findings of radiation or chemotherapy induced heart disease understand why oncology ...

Date : 30/06/2015

Host Dr Molly Byrne Molly Byrne is a Health Psychologist and Director of the Health Behaviour Change Research Group at the School of Psychology, National University of Ireland- Galway. Molly led a ...

Date : 06/06/2016

Watch the webinar recording This webinar is intended to address the problems encountered when managing patients with cardiovascular disease who should undergo non-cardiac surgery. The main issues ...

Date : 04/03/2013

Watch the webinar recording Participants will learn how to translate theoretical information deriving from recently completed trials of new anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation and from the recently ...

Date : 27/02/2013