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Clinical decision making in complex comorbidity of coronary syndrome and stroke was discussed by Patrick Goldstein (France); the need to readjust the role of ASS after recent clinical trials was ...

Date : 01/08/2019

Strain-oriented strategy for guiding cardioprotection initiation of breast cancer patients experiencing cardiac dysfunction Most importantly, all the patients developing subclinical cancer ...

Date : 02/08/2019

Rivaroxaban for stroke or TIA prevention in heart failure patients with sinus rhythm The results of the Commander HF trial about the effects of low dose Rivaroxaban in combination with antiplatelet ...

Date : 08/08/2019

Discover how longevity and the risk of disease are affected by seemingly casual decisions, such as: opting to stop taking medications, avoiding a flu jab, or choosing to be physically ...

Date : 12/08/2019

Focus on heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), an interactive session Heart failure in 2019: latest update on implantable device therapy Treatment of conundrum in acute heart ...

Date : 16/08/2019