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At rest, xamoterol increased heart rate, mean blood pressure and cardiac index, and reduced pulmonary wedge pressure. The clinical relevance of these haemodynamic and neurohumoral changes were ...

European Heart Journal, Kupper, W., Erlemeier, H.-H., Bleifeld, W.

Date : 01/04/1990 Item size : 106811 bytes

Increasing doses of labetalol were infused to lower systolic blood pressure to less than 130 mmHg; the optimal rate was then maintained for one hour (mean rate: 2.3 mg/min). Labetalol lowered blood ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M Renard, A Rivière, P Jacobs, R Bernard

Date : 01/06/1983

Twelve patients with long-standing congestive heart failure refractory to digitalis and diuretics were alternately allocated to receive either 20 mg/day prazosin or placebo in addition to their ...

European Heart Journal, LEMKE, R., TROMPLER, A., KALTENBACH, M., BUSSMANN, W.D.

Date : 01/06/1981 Item size : 110773 bytes