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Download PDF Maria Jalbă1, Sorina Bădeliţă2, D. Coriu2,3, Carmen Ginghină1,3, Ruxandra Jurcuţ1,3* 1 Department of Cardiology, Prof. Dr. C.C. Iliescu Institute of Emergency for ...

Date : 08/07/2016

Adverse cardiovascular prognosis of obesity is linked to: endothelial dysfunction, abnormal left ventricular geometry, systolic and diastolic left ventricular dysfunction, heart failure, increased ...

Date : 08/07/2016

Tel: +1 212 746 4688, Fax: +1 212 746 8473, Email: Search for more papers by this author Lasse Oikarinen, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Helsinki University ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Okin, Peter M., Oikarinen, Lasse, Viitasalo, Matti, Toivonen, Lauri, Kjeldsen, Sverre E., Nieminen, Markku S., Edelman, Jonathan M., Dahlöf, Björn, Devereux, ...

Date : 01/04/2011 Item size : 180643 bytes

In these studies, the prevalence of this subgroup, termed diastolic heart failure (DHF), is up to 55% in patients hospitalized or discharged with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure.2–4 ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Edelmann, Frank, Schmidt, Albrecht G., Gelbrich, Götz, Binder, Lutz, Herrmann‐Lingen, Christoph, Halle, Martin, Hasenfuss, Gerd, Wachter, Rolf, Pieske, Burkert

Date : 01/08/2010 Item size : 207047 bytes

KeywordsAntihypertensive agentsHeart rate (variability)HemodynamicsHypertensionHypertrophyVentricular function 1 Introductory remarks Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) was recognized as early as in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Update review, P.A. van Zwieten

Date : 01/01/2000 Item size : 366202 bytes

Counties Manukau District Health Board, Manukau, New Zealand Percutaneous transcatheter renal sympathetic denervation (RDN) is a promising treatment for refractory hypertension (HT). RDN was found ...

Date : 18/01/2013 Item size : 33294 bytes

Methods and results The PROspective Study of Pravastatin in the Elderly at Risk (PROSPER) was a randomized, double-blind controlled trial that recruited 5804 individuals aged 7082 years with a ...

Europace, Atrial Fibrillation, Peter W. Macfarlane, Heather Murray, Naveed Sattar, David J. Stott, Ian Ford, Brendan Buckley, J. Wouter Jukema, Rudi G.J. Westendorp, James Shepherd

Date : 01/05/2011 Item size : 229229 bytes

The major cardiovascular risk factors, i.e. high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome including hyperlipoproteinaemia and type 2 diabetes, show a sharply rising incidence with ageing and promote ...

European Heart Journal, Editorial, Thomas Thum

Date : 21/12/2015 Item size : 167232 bytes

Abstract Aims We investigated the effects of iptakalim, a new ATP-sensitive potassium channel (KATP) opener providing endothelial protection, on the progression of cardiac hypertrophy to failure in a ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Shan Gao, Chao-Liang Long, Ru-Huan Wang, Hai Wang

Date : 01/08/2009

The central type of sleep apnoea, although seen in other categories of patients, such as those with cerebrovascular stroke, or in healthy individuals at high altitudes, occurs mainly in patients with ...

Europace, Review, Emmanuel N. Simantirakis, Sophia E. Schiza, Nikolas S. Siafakas, Panos E. Vardas

Date : 01/09/2008