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KeywordsDilated cardiomyopathyHeart failureCardiac performanceAcromegalyTime for primary review 31 days. 1 Introduction Growth hormone (GH) controls linear growth and a variety of other functions, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Luigi Saccà

Date : 01/10/1997 Item size : 322191 bytes

Peak skeletal muscle perfusion is maintained in patients with chronic heart failure when only a small muscle mass is exercised Abstract Objectives: The issue to be resolved was whether peripheral ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Gi Magnusson, Lennart Kaijser, Christer Sylvén, Karl-Erik Karlberg, Bengt Isberg, Bengt Saltin

Date : 01/02/1997 Item size : 213849 bytes

Effects of captopril in acute and chronic heart failure. Captopril, 50 mg orally, raised stroke volume and cardiac output, and reduced heart rate, cardiac filling pressures, systemic arterial ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, G J Wenting, A J Man in't veld, A J Woittiez, F Boomsma, K Laird-Meeter, M L Simoons, P G Hugenholtz, M A Schalekamp

Date : 01/01/1983

The haemodynamic effects of oral and intravenous salbutamol were investigated in 22 patients with chronic heart failure. Heart rate rose by 10 per cent from 101 +/- 3.5 beats per minute to 111 +/- ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P D Bourdillon, J R Dawson, R A Foale, A D Timmis, P A Poole-Wilson, G C Sutton

Date : 01/02/1980

In 14 patients with heart failure (New York Heart Association class 2-3) and sinus rhythm the carotid sinus baroreceptors were stimulated to induce a reflex mediated decrease of sympathetic efferent ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, K J Osterziel, R Dietz, J Manthey, W Schmid, W Kübler

Date : 01/04/1990

The cardiorespiratory responses to exercise and forced hyperventilation were measured in 17 unselected patients with syndrome X (angina, positive exercise test, normal coronary arteriogram, no other ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, N P Lewis, S J Hutchison, N Willis, A H Henderson

Date : 01/02/1991

Increasing doses of labetalol were infused to lower systolic blood pressure to less than 130 mmHg; the optimal rate was then maintained for one hour (mean rate: 2.3 mg/min). Labetalol lowered blood ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M Renard, A Rivière, P Jacobs, R Bernard

Date : 01/06/1983

OBJECTIVES--To investigate the role of prostaglandins in maintaining circulatory homoeostasis in chronic heart failure and the hypothesis that an increase in vasodilatory prostaglandin synthesis may ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J. N. Townend, J. Doran, C. J. Lote, M. K. Davies

Date : 01/05/1995

Felodipine significantly increased resting and exercise (25W bicycle ergometry) cardiac output without producing concomitant changes in resting or exercise heart rate or right and left ventricular ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, L B Tan, R G Murray, W A Littler

Date : 01/08/1987

The effect of intravenous captopril was studied in 26 patients with severe chronic heart failure. The rapid response to intravenous captopril indicates that it may be useful in the treatment of ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M Rademaker, T R Shaw, B C Williams, F M Duncan, J Corrie, A Eglen, C R Edwards

Date : 01/02/1986