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Mariana Rădoi, MD Professor of cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Transilvania University Summary:In recent years, a lot of clinical and epidemiological studies have highlighted the association ...

Date : 08/07/2016

E-mail: Global risk scores use individual level information on non-modifiable risk factors (such as age, sex, ethnicity and family history) and modifiable risk factors (such ...

Date : 08/07/2016

Ramiro NUNES (Porto Alegre, BR) 08:30 P5538 Influence of age, smoking and diabetes on exercise related antiangiogenic endostatin/collagen XVIII release in men Michael SPONDER (Vienna, AT) 08:30 P5539 ...

Poster session 7: Testing and training in cardiovascular disease

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An ideal animal model for any cardiovascular disease in humans should have five characteristics: (i) mimic the human disease, (ii) allow studies in chronic, stable disease, (iii) produce symptoms ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Sheila A Doggrell, Lindsay Brown

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Abstract The G protein-coupled receptor kinases (GRKs) participate with arrestins in the regulation and signal propagation of multiple G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) of key physiological and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Petronila Penela, Cristina Murga, Catalina Ribas, Antonio S. Tutor, Sandra Peregrín, Federico Mayor

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Preamble It is important that the medical profession plays a significant role in critically evaluating the use of diagnostic procedures and therapies as they are introduced and tested in the ...

Europace, ACC/AHA/ESC GUIDELINES, Douglas P. Zipes, A. John Camm, Martin Borggrefe, Alfred E. Buxton, Bernard Chaitman, Martin Fromer, Gabriel Gregoratos, George Klein, Arthur J. Moss, Robert J. ...

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Nadia Bouabdallaoui1 Frederic Mouquet2 Guillaume Lebreton1 Pierre Demondion1 Thierry H Le Jemtel3 Pierre V Ennezat4 1Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Department, Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, France ...

European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care, Review, Nadia Bouabdallaoui, Frederic Mouquet, Guillaume Lebreton, Pierre Demondion, Thierry H Le Jemtel, Pierre V Ennezat

Date : 16/10/2015

Aims: To investigate the prognostic implications of elevated high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T (hs-cTnT) values in presumably stable ambulatory coronary artery disease patients. Endpoints were ...

European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care, Original scientific paper, Moritz Biener, Evangelos Giannitsis, Judith Lamerz, Matthias Mueller-Hennessen, Mehrshad Vafaie, Hugo A Katus

Date : 08/10/2015