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Murat Bilgin1, Bekir Serhat Yýldýz2, Kamil Tülüce3, Ýlker Gül4, Mustafa Beyazýt Alkan5, Ahmet Sayýn6, Aysel Ýslamlý5, Tolga Han Efe1, Yusuf Ýzzettin Alihanoðlu2, ...

Date : 20/08/2016 Item size : 38310 bytes

Symptoms, haemodynamics, and exercise capacity during long term treatment of chronic heart failure. An open study of long term treatment with an oral beta 2 agonist (pirbuterol 20 mg three times ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J R Dawson, R Canepa-Anson, P Kuan, S R Reuben, P A Poole-Wilson, G C Sutton

Date : 01/09/1983

OBJECTIVE--To compare the effects of felodipine and placebo in patients with New York Heart Association functional class II or III and stable congestive heart failure despite treatment with an ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, W. A. Littler, D. J. Sheridan

Date : 01/05/1995

Effects of enalapril in heart failure: a double blind study of effects on exercise performance, renal function, hormones, and metabolic state. Several studies have shown symptomatic and haemodynamic ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J G Cleland, H J Dargie, S G Ball, G Gillen, G P Hodsman, J J Morton, B W East, I Robertson, I Ford, J I Robertson

Date : 01/09/1985

OBJECTIVE--To assess the outcome of percutaneous balloon dilatation of the mitral valve in critically ill young patients with intractable heart failure. The mean (SD) echocardiographic value of the ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J. J. Patel, M. J. Munclinger, A. S. Mitha, N. Patel

Date : 01/06/1995

Objectives Right ventricular (RV) function is an important prognostic marker in heart failure. Independent predictors of this endpoint were functional class, ischaemic aetiology, diabetes, atrial ...

Heart, Heart failure, Darryl P Leong, Ulas Höke, Victoria Delgado, Dominique Auger, Tomasz Witkowski, Joep Thijssen, Lieselot van Erven, Jeroen J Bax, Martin J Schalij, Nina Ajmone Marsan

Date : 15/05/2013

In patients with symptomatic improvement, the correction of electrical dyssynchrony (ie, resynchronisation) is usually associated with a reduction in left ventricular volumes (reverse remodelling a ...

Heart, Education in Heart, Giuseppe Boriani, Igor Diemberger, Mauro Biffi, Cristian Martignani

Date : 15/12/2012

According to the current guidelines, there is no clear indication for CRT in patients already implanted with a VVI or DDD pacemaker.1 2 The purpose of this article is to review the rationale and the ...

Heart, Education in Heart, Christophe Leclercq

Date : 01/01/2008

OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that the short term application of continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) increases muscle sympathetic nerve activity in patients with congestive heart ...

Heart, Cardiovascular medicine, S Heindl, C Dodt, M Krahwinkel, G Hasenfuss, S Andreas

Date : 01/02/2001

D Paganoa, M E Lewisa, J N Townendb, P Daviesc, P G Camicid, R S Bonsera aCardiothoracic Surgical Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TH, UK, bUniversity Department of ...

Heart, Paper, D Pagano, M E Lewis, J N Townend, P Davies, P G Camici, R S Bonser

Date : 01/12/1999