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Inflammation and immunity in cardiovascular pathophysiology 09.00 Immune modulation of atherosclerosis: potential for future therapies – Christoph Binder (Vienna, AU) 09.45 Inflammation in ...

Date : 14/06/2015

Dmitry Skrypnik : Stroke treatment using AMI network in Moscow Lecture 6 : W. Doehner: Coagulation and ischemic stroke Panel discussion : all speakers + both chairs Plenary session II: Novel oral ...

Date : 19/01/2018

Scientific Programme Monday June 11, 2012 12.45 Opening - M.L. Simoons, F. Zijlstra (Rotterdam) Acute Coronary Syndromes - Chairmen H. Boersma, R.J. de Winter 13.00 Guidelines ACS without ST segment ...

Date : 11/06/2012

Mourad, Paris (FR) Environmental hazards – air pollution and noise as novel risk factors T. Gori, Mainz (DE) Recommendations for sports participation in athletes with known cardiovascular ...

Date : 09/02/2015

Hypertension Chair: F. Messerli, New York and D. Wood, London 10:00 The emerging controversy of salt and CVD S. Yusuf, Hamilton 10:22 Impact of target damage in the management of hypertension: ...

Date : 10/02/2013

Young clinicians will benefit from the unique atmosphere thorough new ideas, mentoring and motivation to follow even more enthusiastic career in clinical science in the field of heart ...

Date : 19/06/2019

All About Clinical Trials: Day 1 (Sessions and GCP Course) Time Title REGISTRATION 8:30 Welcome, introduction and course objectives: S. Wassmann, G. Savarese 8:35 The ESC Working Group on ...

Date : 12/12/2019

Course directors Peter Ferdinandy (HU) and Jolanda van der Velden (NL) Course organising committee members Giuseppina Caligiuri (FR), Gemma Vilahur (SP), Rosalinda Madonna (IT) Representing the ...

Date : 16/06/2019

Physical examination revealed the following: weight 59 kg; height 165 cm; absence of  dysmorphic facial features; BP 130/80 mmHg; HR 72 bpm; 2/6 systolic murmur at the apex.  Cardiac magnetic ...

Date : 01/05/2010

A 46 years old male, heavy smoker and mild alcohol consumer without personal of familial history of cardiovascular disease, presented to the emergency department complaining for worsening shortness ...

Date : 26/03/2014