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Watch part one of the webinar recording Watch part two of the webinar recording Faculty Carsten Israel and Haran Burri The format includes case based presentations, online assessment and live ...

Date : 23/04/2015

Exercise Training and Rehabilitation in Chronic Heart Failure Polichirurgico Hospital G. Da Saliceto Piacenza, Italy Doctor Maurizio Volterrani Dipartimento Di Cardiologia Riabilitativa Irccs San ...

Date : 10/12/2018

Watch the webinar recording Faculty Speakers Professor Peter Van Der Meer Department of Cardiology Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen, Netherlands Professor Ewa Jankowska Wroclaw Medical ...

Date : 19/03/2018

Doctor Maria Frigerio and Dr Tuvia ben Gal answer your questions Faculty Speakers Doctor Maria Frigerio Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda Cardiology Department Milan, Italy Dr Tuvia ben Gal ...

Date : 26/02/2019

Register now Faculty Speakers Professor Stefanie Dimmeler Institute of Cardiovascular Regeneration Department of Medicine IV, Cardiology Frankfurt, Germany Professor Thomas Thum, FHFA, FESC Hannover ...

Date : 12/12/2019

Faculty Speakers Professor Marco Metra, FESC, FHFA University of Brescia Brescia, Italy Professor Theresa McDonagh, FESC, FHFA King's College Hospital London, United Kingdom Host Professor Andrew ...

Date : 11/09/2019

Watch the webinar recording Faculty Speakers Doctor Loreena Hill School of Nursing & Midwifery Queen’s University Belfast, N. Ireland, UK Professor Marco Metra, FESC, FHFA Cardiology Medical ...

Date : 30/09/2019