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Hernández-enríquez M., Brugaletta S., Castellá M., Gutiérrez-capdet M., Petr N., Davidavicius G., Muneretto C., Sievert H., Labrousse L., Pomar J., Sabaté M. AIMS To evaluate the feasibiity and ...

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Nemkov A., Kaputin M., Belyj S., Ovcharenko D., Lukashenko V., Smoley V., Voronkov A., Burnos S., Babenko E. AIMS There is some evidence about the positive effects of stem cell therapy as adjunctive ...

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Suarez De Lezo J., Chavarria J., Pan M., Suarez De Lezo J., Romero M., Segura J., Ojeda S., Mazuelos F., Pavlovic D. AIMS This study presents a series of 12 patients with complete interruption of the ...

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Haude M., Siminiak T., Lipiecki J., Sadowski J., Hoppe U., Sievert H., Müller-ehmsen J., Fajadet J., Fichtlscherer S., Goldberg S. AIMS To assess whether the reduction of FMR associated with PMA is ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS We analyzed data from consecutive patients scheduled for coronary angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention, including outpatient clinics and emergency department. Severe ...

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Main baseline patient characteristics were not statistically different between the no-AR and the 1+ AR groups and included, respectively, mean age 80.6±7.6 vs. 80.6±6.9 years and median Society of ...

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AIMS We sought to investigate whether the length of PCI procedure is associated with an increased risk for ischaemic and bleeding periprocedural complications from the large randomised CHAMPION ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Among patients treated at our centre with MitraClip, 14 patients were affected by stage D HF and severe MR. All were evaluated with echocardiography and right heart ...

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EuroIntervention Results of the multicentre (PHASE II) mitral valve repair clinical trial (MAVERIC trial) for the treatment of secondary mitral regurgitation in chronic heart failure Erglis A. AIMS ...

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