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Study of left ventricular pressure-volume relations during nitroprusside infusion in human subjects without coronary artery disease. Studies were made on 21 patients, 8 without any symptoms of left ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J P Merillon, G Motte, M C Aumont, R Prasquier, R Gourgon

Date : 01/03/1979

The early postprandial changes in 10 patients with angiographically proven coronary artery disease and history of postprandial angina were studied by the continuous recording on magnetic tape of the ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J Figueras, B N Singh, W Ganz, H J Swan

Date : 01/10/1979

Isosorbide dinitrate reduced mean left ventricular filling pressure from 29 to 18 mmHg and increased mean cardiac index from 1.7 to 2.0 1/min per m2, with no significant change in mean heart ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J D Stephens, S O Banim, R A Spurrell

Date : 01/02/1980

The effects of prostaglandin E1 on pulmonary circulation and left ventricular performance have been studied in 20 patients with mitral valve disease and pulmonary hypertension. Infusion of ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J Szczeklik, J S Dubiel, M Mysik, Z Pyzik, R Krol, T Horzela

Date : 01/12/1978

The scatter in predicting heart rate from age was not lessened by autonomic blockade, suggesting that inter-individual variations in heart rate are not entirely dependent on different levels of ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, G R Cumming, G H Mir

Date : 08/09/2016

Various mechanisms have been proposed to explain the shock sometimes associated with right ventricular infarction, but only small numbers of patients with clinical shock have been studied. After ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J E Creamer, J D Edwards, P Nightingale

Date : 01/02/1991

Increasing doses of labetalol were infused to lower systolic blood pressure to less than 130 mmHg; the optimal rate was then maintained for one hour (mean rate: 2.3 mg/min). Labetalol lowered blood ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M Renard, A Rivière, P Jacobs, R Bernard

Date : 01/06/1983

Dopexamine, a new compound with postjunctional dopamine receptor activating and beta adrenoceptor agonist properties, was given to 10 patients with chronic heart failure at diagnostic cardiac ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J R Dawson, D S Thompson, M Signy, S M Juul, P Turnbull, B S Jenkins, M M Webb-Peploe

Date : 01/09/1985

Left ventricular filling pressures and mean blood pressures were not affected. Administration of dopexamine to patients with heart failure after acute myocardial infarction augments cardiac ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, G Svenson, L E Strandberg, B Lindvall, L Erhardt

Date : 01/12/1988

Effects of captopril and a combination of hydralazine and isosorbide dinitrate on myocardial sympathetic tone in patients with severe congestive heart failure. Changes in circulating catecholamines ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P Daly, J L Rouleau, D Cousineau, J H Burgess, K Chatterjee

Date : 01/08/1986