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Exercise capacity after His bundle ablation and rate response ventricular pacing for drug refractory chronic atrial fibrillation. To evaluate exercise capacity of patients with chronic atrial ...

Heart, Research Article, E. M. Buys, N. M. van Hemel, J. C. Kelder, C. A. Ascoop, P. F. van Dessel, L. Bakema, J. H. Kingma

Date : 01/03/1997

Before propranolol the patients were capable of a mean of 6.8 minutes of exercise and heart rate increased from a resting value of 102 +/- 25 a minute to 138 +/- 34 at peak exercise--a mean increase ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, R S Bexton, J R Milne, R Cory-Pearce, T A English, A J Camm

Date : 01/06/1983

A 74 year old man with a Quintech Tx pacemaker experienced a reduction in his exercise capacity because his heart rate failed to increase with effort.

British Heart Journal, Research Article, T Fyfe, J F Robinson

Date : 01/10/1986

Atrial tracking pacemakers may improve exercise capacity and symptoms because they maintain atrioventricular synchrony and preserve the physiological response of heart rate to exercise. Symptoms ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, D P Lipkin, N Buller, M Frenneaux, L Ludgate, T Lowe, S C Webb, D M Krikler

Date : 01/12/1987

The effect of increasing inspired oxygen on exercise performance in patients with chronic heart failure Objective Chronic heart failure is characterised by reduced exercise tolerance. Thirty-one ...

Heart, Heart failure and cardiomyopathies, Aaron Koshy, Pierpaolo Pellicori, Andrew L Clark

Date : 15/04/2016

Importance of rate control or rate regulation for improving exercise capacity and quality of life in patients with permanent atrial fibrillation and normal left ventricular function: a randomised ...

Heart, Cardiovascular medicine, T Levy, S Walker, M Mason, P Spurrell, S Rex, S Brant, V Paul

Date : 01/02/2001

Chronic heart failure, chronotropic incompetence, and the effects of β blockade Dr Klaus K Witte Division of Cardiology, Mount Sinai Hospital, 600 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G ...

Heart, Cardiovascular medicine, K K A Witte, J G F Cleland, A L Clark

Date : 01/04/2006

Kamp Otto, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsSearch for more papers by this author De Keulenaer Gilles W., Department of Physiology, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Conraads, Viviane M., Metra, Marco, Kamp, Otto, De Keulenaer, Gilles W., Pieske, Burkert, Zamorano, José, Vardas, Panos E., Böhm, Michael, Dei Cas, Livio

Date : 01/02/2012 Item size : 180871 bytes

Microvolt T‐wave alternans testing should be used to guide arrhythmic therapy in heart failure patients: reply Even if Drs Hohnloser and Cohen were correct that microvolt T-wave alternans (MTWA) ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Jackson, Colette E., Myles, Rachel C., Tsorlalis, Ioannis K., Dalzell, Jonathan R., Spooner, Richard J., Rodgers, John R., Bezlyak, Vladimir, Greenlaw, Nicola, ...

Date : 01/06/2012 Item size : 62842 bytes

Device TherapyAuthors Noor Mumin R., Heart Failure Care Group, Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, Harefield Hospital, Harefield, Middlesex, UKNational Heart and Lung Institute, ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Noor, Mumin R., Bowles, Christopher, Banner, Nicholas R.

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