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The acute cardiac effects of ethanol (1 g/kg orally within 60 minutes) were examined in 22 healthy volunteers (11 men and 11 women) by M-mode echocardiography and systolic time intervals for three ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M Kupari

Date : 01/02/1983

The method has been applied to 112 subjects divided into 4 groups: two of normal subjects below and above the age of 40, respectively (mean ages 30 and 48 years), and two of patients (mean ages for ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, G M Van Der Hoeven, P J Clerens, J J Donders, J E Beneken, J T Vonk

Date : 01/03/1977

The folloeing were analysed: left ventricular ejection time index, derived from the carotid pulse and heart rate; the isovolumic relaxation time, derived from the apex cardiogram and phonocardiogram; ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, C Saenz de la Calzada, G M Ziady, T Hardarson, R Curiel, J F Goodwin

Date : 01/08/1976

The peak rate of wall thinning also increased with age, correlating with wall thickness and not heart rate. [...]age related increases in left ventricular cavity dimension and wall thickness during ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M G St John Sutton, D L Marier, P J Oldershaw, R Sacchetti, D G Gibson

Date : 01/10/1982

Effects of high altitude hypoxia on systolic time intervals were examined in 34 healthy men: 20 sea level residents studied at rest and at the end of 3 minutes steady isometric (handgrip) exercise at ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, V Balasubramanian, V S Kaushik, S C Manchanda, S B Roy

Date : 01/03/1975

Relation between coronary anatomy and serial changes in left ventricular function on exercise: a study using first pass radionuclide angiography with gold-195m. In the seven patients with three ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J L Caplin, D S Dymond, J C O'Keefe, W D Flatman, L Dyke, S O Banim, R A Spurrell

Date : 01/02/1986

Serial changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and left ventricular performance induced by these tests were studied by radionuclide ventriculography in patients with coronary artery disease and in ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, R J Northcote, M B Cooke

Date : 01/04/1987

Intracoronary infusions of amrinone were found to have no haemodynamic effect other than producing a slight reduction in the left ventricular ejection fraction and some suggestion of coronary ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P T Wilmshurst, D S Thompson, S M Juul, H C Dittrich, J R Dawson, J M Walker, B S Jenkins, D J Coltart, M M Webb-Peploe

Date : 01/05/1985

M mode echocardiography, apexcardiography, and phonocardiography were used to evaluate heart sounds, diastolic time intervals, aortic root motion (atrial emptying index); peak rate of change in left ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, K Caidahl, H Eriksson, M Hartford, J Wikstrand, I Wallentin, A Arvidsson, K Svärdsudd

Date : 01/03/1988

At rest there was no significant difference in the heart rate, cardiac output, stroke volume, and left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP) in the three groups. During exercise the cardiac ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, B Sharma, J F Goodwin, M J Raphael, R E Steiner, R G Rainbow, S H Taylor

Date : 01/01/1976