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Abstract Disturbed metabolism as a consequence of obesity and diabetes may cause cardiac diseases (recently highlighted in the cardiovascular research spotlight issue on metabolic cardiomyopathies).1 ...

Cardiovascular Research, van der Velden, Jolanda, Tocchetti, Carlo G, Varricchi, Gilda, Bianco, Anna, Sequeira, Vasco, Hilfiker-Kleiner, Denise, Hamdani, Nazha, Leite-Moreira, Adelino F, Mayr, ...

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Abstract Aims Pathological hypertrophy is the result of gene network regulation, which ultimately leads to adverse cardiac remodelling and heart failure (HF) and is accompanied by the reactivation of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Lu, Dan, Wang, Jizheng, Li, Jing, Guan, Feifei, Zhang, Xu, Dong, Wei, Liu, Ning, Gao, Shan, Zhang, Lianfeng

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Commentary on ATP as a biological hydrotrope by Patel et al., Science 2017.1 Ageing and age-related diseases have long been associated with the accumulation of misfolded proteins and protein ...

Cardiovascular Research, Meyer, Thomas, Voigt, Niels

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