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14:00 P4342 Relationship of left ventricular hypertrophy to vascular events in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation: the ARAPACIS study Marco PROIETTI (Birmingham, United Kingdom) 14:00 ...

Poster session 5: Echo ventricular function

Date : 29/08/2016 Item size : 226894 bytes

Begona IGUAL MUNOZ (Valencia, ES) 08:30 P894 Combined right ventricular dysfunction and raised left ventricular filling pressures predict limited exercise capacity in reduced ejection fraction heart ...

Poster session Friday 13 December - AM: Cardiomyopathies

Date : 13/12/2013 Item size : 145612 bytes

14:00 P1100 Left ventricular non-compaction and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy: the significant diagnostic value of longitudinal strain Elena GALLI (Rennes, France) 14:00 P1101 The role of ...

Poster session 5: Cardiomyopathies

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Tony STANTON (Brisbane, AU) 08:30 P5707 Lower left ventricular peak systolic twist rate, but enhanced and earlier peak diastolic untwist rate in elite football players Thomas Gero VON LUEDER ...

Poster session 7: Insights into ultrasonic myocardial reformation imaging

Date : 01/09/2010 Item size : 387220 bytes

General recommendations EUROECHO 2011 B A Popescu Recommendations Assessment of left ventricular diastolic function EUROECHO 2011 O A Smiseth Slides Assessment of left ventricular diastolic function ...

Date : 22/02/2017

[1] The most commonly used echocardiographic parameter to evaluate ventricular function is ejection fraction, however, its measurement presents a number of challenges related assumptions of ...

Date : 17/05/2018