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Adamo M., Curello S., Chiari E., Chizzola G., Fiorina C., Rovetta R., Pezzotti E., Cuminetti G., Magatelli M., Manzato A., Metra M., Ettori F. AIMS We aimed to report on the safety and efficacy of ...

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Muller D., Sorajja P., Walters D., Grayburn P., Dahle G., Blanke P., Jansz P., Farivar R., Clarke A., Stoler R., Rein K., Popma J., Shaw M., Scalia G., Hebeler R., Pedersen W., Leipsic J. AIMS To ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Data of all patients submitted to percutaneous MVR from 2/2010 to 8/2013 were prospectively collected in our institutional database, according to the Mitral Valve Academic ...

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EuroIntervention Two-year durability and outcome of interventional edge-to-edge repair with the MitraClip system in patients with primary and secondary mitral regurgitation METHODS AND RESULTS ...

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Wunderlich N., Nodari S., Brugaletta S., Neuzil P. AIMS The aim of this multicentre study was to assess the impact on mitral valve geometry of a less invasive, hybrid left ventricular ...

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How would I treat? THE INVITED EXPERTS OPINION Thierry Carrel*, MD Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery, University Hospital Bern, Bern, Switzerland *Corresponding author: Treatment of FMR and ...

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Munich Heart Alliance, Munich, Germany Aims: Single leaflet clip attachment (SLA) is a prevalent complication in percutaneous edge-to-edge repair of the mitral valve, leading to the recurrence of ...

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Percutaneous mitral valve therapies have emerged as an alternative option for high-risk patients with mitral regurgitation.

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University Hospital of Liege, Liege, Belgium Mitral regurgitation is a common valvular heart disease and its prevalence is expected to increase with population ageing. [...]the mitral valve is a ...

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[...]the first attempts at valve replacement were performed over the last few months, further increasing the interest in percutaneous mitral interventions.

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