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A method is proposed for comparing the orifice size and the morphology of stenotic mitral valves, removed intact at the time of replacement, with the preoperative two dimensional echocardiographic ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P Schweizer, P Bardos, W Krebs, R Erbel, C Minale, S Imm, B J Messmer, S Effert

Date : 01/07/1982

R Smith, D Brender, M McCredie Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Prince Henry and Prince of Wales Hospitals, New South Wales, Australia. Pregnancy can cause life threatening complications in ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, R Smith, D Brender, M McCredie

Date : 01/06/1989

Patients with clinical signs of accompanying mitral regurgitation, no matter how severe, and patients with clinical findings indicating insignificant aortic valve disease were included. Significant ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, H Egeblad, J Berning, K Saunamäki, J R Jacobsen, A Wennevold

Date : 01/01/1983

In order to establish a new echocardiographic index of the severity of mitral stenosis, left ventricular echocardiograms were digitised using manual tracing and a computer. Correlation between the ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, K Fukukawa, T Matsuura, N Endo, H Kunishige, M Tohara, T Watanabe, H Matsukubo, Y Tsuji, H Ijichi

Date : 01/08/1979

Fifteen patients with severe mitral stenosis (defined as valve area less than 1.0 cm2) were compared with a control group of 11 patients with mild coronary artery disease. Furthermore, the extent of ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S W Davies, P Wilkinson, J Keegan, J Bailey, A D Timmis, J A Wedzicha, R M Rudd

Date : 01/02/1991

The relations between valve area, end diastolic gradient, and heart rate in 20 patients with mitral stenosis and atrial fibrillation were examined. In each patient the end diastolic pressure ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S W Davies, J E Gardener, T J Bowker, A D Timmis, R Balcon

Date : 01/12/1990

Rate-corrected left ventricular ejection time was measured from the aortic pressure tracings of 171 catheterised patients with aortic valve area less than or equal to 1.2 cm2. In 50 patients with ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P Kligfield, H Goldberg, S A Kline, s Scheidt

Date : 01/11/1977

To investigate the effects of transvalvar flow rate on aortic valve resistance and valve area after percutaneous transvenous balloon dilatation of the mitral valve in a homogeneous group of patients ...

Heart, Research Article, T. M. Lee, S. F. Su, M. F. Chen, C. S. Liau, Y. T. Lee

Date : 01/12/1996

Twenty normal subjects and 68 patients with a reduced diastolic closure rate in the mitral valve echogram were studied. An excellent correlation was found between the DE/MAIC ratio and mitral valve ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P Toutouzas, A Velimezis, E Karayannis, D Avgoustakis

Date : 01/01/1977

DESIGN--Comparison of the haemodynamic results, complications, and symptomatic outcome of balloon dilatation for mitral stenosis in consecutive patients treated by cylindrical balloons and a second ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, T R Shaw, C M Turnbull, P Currie, A D Flapan, S Pringle, B C Lee

Date : 01/11/1994