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Abstract Aims There is controversy surrounding the accuracy of echo-Doppler variables, including early mitral inflow/mitral annular velocity (E/e for estimating left ventricular filling pressure ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, Hisham Dokainish, John S. Nguyen, Jaromir Bobek, Rajiv Goswami, Nasser M. Lakkis

Date : 01/11/2011 Item size : 284437 bytes

In the past, HCM was considered a rare disorder associated with a poor prognosis but more recent population screening studies suggest that it is actually common (1:500 individuals).1 Echocardiography ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, BRITISH SOCIETY OF ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY AUTUMN SUPPLEMENT 2009, L.K. Williams, M.P. Frenneaux, R.P. Steeds

Date : 01/12/2009 Item size : 251997 bytes

In order to determine the significance of abnormalities of diastolic function in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy, exercise echocardiography to heart rates of 140 to 150 beats/min was ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P J Oldershaw, K D Dawkins, D E Ward, D G Gibson

Date : 01/06/1983

Impairment of diastolic function by shortened filling period in severe left ventricular disease. To investigate the possibility that ventricular filling might also be disturbed, M mode ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, K S Ng, D G Gibson

Date : 01/10/1989

The effects of increasing afterload on early diastolic dysfunction in 10 patients with hypertrophic non-obstructive cardiomyopathy were studied by computer assisted analyses of digitised M mode ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, G Hausdorf, V Siglow, C A Nienaber

Date : 01/09/1988

Thirty patients were studied non-invasively by simultaneous recordings of echocardiogram, apex-cardiogram, phonocardiogram, and electrocardiogram in order to assess diastolic abnormalities on and off ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, R F Alvares, J F Goodwin

Date : 01/09/1982

Isovolumic relaxation time, the interval from minimum cavity dimension to mitral valve opening and relative dimension increase during this period, and the peak rate of dimension increase and wall ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, L M Shapiro, D G Gibson

Date : 01/04/1988

Methods and results Standard echo-Doppler and STI study were performed in 67 CM patients divided in four age- and sex-matched subgroups: 18 with apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (Group A); 20 with ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, Giuseppe Pacileo, Luca Baldini, Giuseppe Limongelli, Giovanni Di Salvo, Maria Iacomino, Cristina Capogrosso, Alessandra Rea, ...

Date : 01/11/2011 Item size : 292456 bytes

Screening to prevent heart failure (STOP‐HF): expanding the focus beyond asymptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction Furthermore, it has been well established that asymptomatic left ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Murtagh, Gillian, Dawkins, Ian R., O'Connell, Ronan, Badabhagni, Mallikarjuna, Patel, Anil, Tallon, Elaine, O'Hanlon, Rory, Ledwidge, Mark T., McDonald, Kenneth M.

Date : 01/05/2012 Item size : 168422 bytes

N‐terminal B‐type natriuretic peptide and the association with left ventricular diastolic function in a population at high risk of incident heart failure: results of the SCReening Evaluation of ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, McGrady, Michele, Reid, Christopher M., Shiel, Louise, Wolfe, Rory, Boffa, Umberto, Liew, Danny, Campbell, Duncan J., Prior, David, Krum, Henry

Date : 01/05/2013 Item size : 155079 bytes