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Anna AHIMASTOS (Melbourne, AU) 14:00 P5444 Periinterventional management of novel oral anticoagulants: results of the prospective Dresden NOAC registry Jan BEYER-WESTENDORF (Dresden, DE) 14:00 P5445 ...

Poster Session 7: Intervention/ Peripheral circulation

Date : 03/09/2013 Item size : 358528 bytes

Juan MORENO (Cordoba, AR) 08:30 P3082 Non rate-controlled CT coronary angiography for the exclusion of obstructive coronary artery disease in the assessment of patients referred for transcatheter ...

Poster Session 4: CAD and comorbidities

Date : 02/09/2013 Item size : 402023 bytes

Maria Salome CARVALHO (Carnaxide, PT) 14:00 P2212 Zwolle risk score predicts contrast induced acute kidney injury in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary percutaneous ...

Poster Session 3: Infarction acute phase STEMI

Date : 01/09/2013 Item size : 356471 bytes

14:00 P4648 Evaluation of NT-proBNP for predicting cardiovascular risk in patients with arthritis taking long-term nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Christian RUFF (Boston, US) 14:00 ...

Poster session 6: Cardiovascular risk

Date : 31/08/2010 Item size : 544411 bytes

Murray MATANGI (Kingston, Canada) 08:30 P175 Correlation between triglyceride/HDL-cholesterol ratio and the severity of atherosclerotic lesions Mohamed ABDEL WAHAB (El Minia, Egypt) 08:30 P176 ...

Poster Session I - Thursday 08:30 - 12:30 : Prevention, Epidemiology & Population Science

Date : 14/05/2015 Item size : 268591 bytes

08:30 P1044 Influence of epicardial fat on left ventricular diastolic function in patients with abdominal obesity Elena BAZHENOVA (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation) 08:30 P1045 Heart failure: ...

Poster session 2 Sunday 08:30 - 18:00: Left ventricular function

Date : 24/05/2015 Item size : 82985 bytes

Maria LUACES MENDEZ (Madrid, ES) 08:30 P5473 The effects of BMI corrected for cardiac risk factors on total mortality and length of hospital stay in a surgical population Wael GALAL (Rotterdam, NL) ...

Poster session 7: Overweight, obesity and metabolic syndrome

Date : 01/09/2010 Item size : 545328 bytes

Lieven HERBOTS (Hasselt, BE), Otto KAMP (Amsterdam, NL) 16:41 929 The influence of plaque burden, morphology and inflammatory markers on coronary microvascular function in patients with chest pain ...

Multimodality imaging of ischaemic heart disease

Date : 04/12/2015 Item size : 63820 bytes

No Paulo MENDES (Lamego, PT) 08:30 P2164 Detection of subclinical atherosclerosis in a study population of HIV-infected patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy: preliminary data from ...

Poster session 3 : Comorbidities in ischaemic heart disease

Date : 30/08/2010 Item size : 184250 bytes