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Abstract Aims Thrombospondin-1 (TSP1), via its necessary receptor CD47, inhibits nitric oxide (NO)-stimulated soluble guanylate cyclase activation in vascular smooth muscle cells, and TSP1-null mice ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Eileen M. Bauer, Yan Qin, Thomas W. Miller, Russell W. Bandle, Gabor Csanyi, Patrick J. Pagano, Philip M. Bauer, Jurgen Schnermann, David D. Roberts, Jeff ...

Date : 01/12/2010 Item size : 332259 bytes

Reperfusion injury is expressed as endothelial and microvascular dysfunction, impaired blood flow, metabolic dysfunction, cellular necrosis, and apoptosis. Postconditioning may also inhibit ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Zhi-Qing Zhao, Jakob Vinten-Johansen

Date : 01/05/2006 Item size : 477372 bytes

Ýstemi Nalbantgil1 Ege Üniversitesi Týp Fakültesi, Kardiyoloji Anabilim Dalý, Bornova, Ýzmir Endothelium; effective in vascular tonus, blood tension, blood flow and coagulation ...

Date : 12/01/2017 Item size : 31894 bytes

Results: The placement of an AV fistula caused progressive sodium retention (UNaV decreased from 1500 to 100 μequiv./day), a significant drop in mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) from 127±3 to ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Zaid A. Abassi, Sergey Brodsky, Tony Karram, Igor Dobkin, Joseph Winaver, Aaron Hoffman

Date : 15/08/2001

Insulin enhances myocardial blood flow and decreases coronary vascular resistance in a dose-dependent manner in healthy subjects. [...]insulin is able to increase myocardial blood flow also in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Jan Sundell, Juhani Knuuti

Date : 01/02/2003

KeywordsEndothelin-antagonistReperfusionTransplantationRatTime for primary review 22 days. 1 Introduction Cardiac transplantation is a successful treatment option for irreversible, final stage ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Gábor Szabó, Levente Fazekas, Susanne Bährle, Damian MacDonald, Nicole Stumpf, Christian F Vahl, Siegfried Hagl

Date : 01/09/1998

Methods: Blood flow and plasma fibrinolytic and haemostatic factors were measured in both forearms of 8 healthy male volunteers who received unilateral brachial artery infusions of substance P (28 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, David E Newby, Robert A Wright, Pamela Dawson, Christopher A Ludlam, Nicholas A Boon, Keith A.A Fox, David J Webb

Date : 01/05/1998

Abstract Aims Endothelial cells (ECs) constantly exposed to shear flow increase nitric oxide production via the activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase. Shear stress, the frictional force ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Bin Huang, Shih Chung Chen, Danny Ling Wang

Date : 01/08/2009

Results: Contrary to our hypothesis, aging decreased responsiveness of coronary arterioles to endothelin (ET, 1 × 10113 × 108 M), potassium chloride (KCl, 10100 mM), and pressure-induced ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Robert D. Shipley, Judy M. Muller-Delp

Date : 01/05/2005

Methods: We examined responses to brachial artery infusion of acetylcholine and the endothelium-independent vasodilator sodium nitroprusside in the presence or absence of aspirin in 10 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Joseph P Noon, Brian R Walker, Malcolm F Hand, David J Webb

Date : 01/05/1998