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08:30 P3686 Low EPA/AA ratio was independent risk factor of non response to therapy with acute decompensated heart failure. Yoshihiro KATOH (Osaka, JP) 08:30 P3687 Prediction of mortality using ...

Poster session 4: Prognosis

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14:00 P4480 Cardiac sympathetic denervation assessed with iodine-123-metaiodobenzylguanidine imaging predicts cardiac death and ventricular arrhythmias in primary prevention implantable ...

Poster session 5: Imaging, arrhythmias and CHD

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08:30 P5161 Differences in symptom presentation in STEMI patients, with or without a previous history of hypertension; a survey report from the SymTime study group Maria ERICSSON (Linkoping, SE) ...

Poster session 6: Cardiovascular events: perspective, recovery and end of life

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Susana GOMES (Funchal, PT) 14:00 P4627 Appropriateness of helicopter transfer for primary percutaneous intervention in a national acute coronary syndrome programme Roisin COLLERAN (Galway, IE) 14:00 ...

Poster session 5: Acute coronary syndromes: ongoing challenges

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Wolfgang KRANIG (Bad Iburg, DE) 11:00 P859 Hydration status evaluation by bioimpedance vector analysis has no independent prognostic value in patients with acute decompensation of heart failure ...

Poster session 1: Devices

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08:30 P1666 Risk stratification for the development of heart failure after acute coronary syndrome at the time of hospital discharge: predictive ability of GRACE risk score Violeta GONZALEZ SALVADO ...

Poster session 2: Predictors of outcomes post myocardial infraction

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14:00 P4520 Reparative fibrosis is impeded in MK5 deficient mice following myocardial infarction Sherin NAWAITO (Montreal, Canada) 14:00 P4521 VCP746: a cardioprotective adenosine receptor agonist ...

Poster session 5: Ischaemia and protection

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08:30 P5676 Depressive symptomatology accompanies impaired ventricular diastolic function, detected by Doppler imaging, in patients with chronic systolic heart failure Christina CHRYSOHOOU (Glyfada, ...

Poster session 6: Imaging in heart failure management

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Alison POTTLE (Harefield, United Kingdom) 11:00 P773 Utilization of team-resource management to tackle blood-stream infection in a cardiovascular intensive care unit Ho-Tsung HSIN (Banciao, Taiwan, ...

Poster session 1: Improving care through assessment, support, services and research

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08:30 P3429 Inflammatory mediator TIMP-1 is a prognostic marker for mortality in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) Olavi PARKKONEN (Helsinki, Finland) 08:30 P3430 Acute heart failure complicating acute ...

Poster session 4: Acute cardiac care in the emergency department I

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