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Piotr BUCHTA (Zabrze, PL) 08:30 P4229 Protective effect of telmisartan for impairment of endothelial function after coronary drug-eluting stent implantation in hypertensive patients Mitsuyasu ...

Poster session 5: New insights in coronary interventions (Part I)

Date : 30/08/2011 Item size : 170667 bytes

Se Yong JANG (Daegu, KR) 08:30 P3219 An index for the prediction of in-hospital and 30-day mortality of patients with an acute coronary syndrome Demosthenes B PANAGIOTAKOS (Athens, GR) 08:30 P3220 A ...

Poster session 4: Predicting prognosis and bleeding risk in MI and atrial fibrillation

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Results from OPAL-HK and AMETHYST-DN Bertram PITT (Ann Arbor, United States of America) 08:30 P1801 Incidence and long-term impact of progressive hyponatremia in heart failure patients with reduced ...

Poster session 2: Heart failure, other

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14:00 P1476 Randomized evaluation of the effects of a structured educational program (HERZ.LEBEN) on blood pressure in essential hypertensive patients Robert ZWEIKER (Graz, AT) 14:00 P1477 Project ...

Poster session 2: Primary prevention: Intervention and outcomes

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Anca Daniela FARCAS (Cluj Napoca, Romania) 08:30 P444 Prognostic implications of sleep disorders in chronic heart failure M Jose PIRLA (Barcelona, Spain) 08:30 P445 Safety and effectiveness of drug ...

Poster session 1 Saturday 08:30 -17:30: Nursing

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