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ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines Members of the Working Group actively participated to the writing and/or reviewing of the following Guidelines: ESC Position Paper on cancer treatments and ...

Date : 05/12/2011

In this regard, a recent trial of postconditioning in 1,234 patients undergoing PCI failed to reduce the composite outcome of death from any cause and hospitalization for heart failure. (4) In 2015, ...

Date : 27/05/2019

Hot Topics in 2018 Ankara - Spotlight Village Sunday 26 August 11:00-12:30 Tips, Tricks and Pearls in percutaneous coronary intervention Cairo - Spotlight Village Sunday 26 August 14:30-15:45 Meet ...

Date : 04/07/2018

Programme directors, Prof. David Walker (ACCA Board member and committee chair) and Prof. Christiaan Vrints (Founder of ACCA, ex-officio Board member and EHJ-ACVC editor in chief) selected focused ...

Date : 13/04/2018

Acute Coronary Syndrome: The Importance of Both Large and Small Vessels Chairs: Holger Gerhardt & Dirk Duncker This session included six lectures that assessed experimental and clinical aspects of ...

Date : 28/01/2019

The case Description This male patient (66 years, BMI 25 kg/m2, current smoker) has a history of bilateral pulmonary embolism in June 2013 which was treated with EKOS-lysis (ultrasound-enhanced ...

Date : 20/02/2015

In 2016 the CROS study has shown that even in the era of statin use and acute revascularisation, multidisciplinary cardiovascular (CV) rehabilitation leads to significant reductions in morbidity and ...

Date : 18/01/2019

Gill Furze President of the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Professor of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, Centre for Technology Enabled Health Research, Coventry ...

Date : 25/05/2018

The costs are covered by national health services and insurance companies, however in several countries even the patients must contribute (figure 3): Public funding Public co-funding Third party ...

Date : 18/08/2017

Prof. Aneta Boskovic, MD, MSc, PhD, FESC, internist and cardiologist National CVD Prevention Coordinator for Montenegro and President of Montenegro Society of Cardiology This report was prepared by ...

Date : 29/05/2018