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A key molecule for this fast response, which links alveolar ventilation (and thus the degree of regional oxygenation) to local lung perfusion is nitric oxide [5]: It has been conclusively shown that ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review in Review Focus Series on Hypoxia and the Pulmonary Circulation, Hossein A. Ghofrani, Robert Voswinckel, Frank Reichenberger, Norbert Weissmann, Ralph T. Schermuly, ...

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The nomenclature of pulmonary hypertension has been updated over the years, reflecting different categories of pulmonary hypertension that may require unique treatments.1,2 Although the aetiologies ...

Cardiovascular Research, REVIEWS: FOCUS ON INORGANIC NITRITE AND NITRATE, Brian S. Zuckerbraun, Patricia George, Mark T. Gladwin

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OBJECTIVE--To study the short-term effects of inhaled nitric oxide in infants and young children with congenital heart disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS--22 infants and children aged 3-32 months (median ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P. Winberg, B. P. Lundell, L. E. Gustafsson

Date : 01/03/1994

METHODS--Continuous inhalation of NO, initially at 15 ppm. [...]daily attempts at complete weaning or at reducing NO to the lowest effective dose. RESULTS--In 6 of the 7 children NO inhalation ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M. Beghetti, W. Habre, B. Friedli, M. Berner

Date : 01/01/1995

M I Turanlahtia, P O Laitinena, S J Sarnab, E Pesonenc aDepartment of Paediatric Cardiology, Division of Paediatrics, The Hospital for Children and Adolescents, Helsinki University Central Hospital, ...

Heart, Paper, M I Turanlahti, P O Laitinen, S J Sarna, E Pesonen

Date : 01/02/1998

PALANISWAMY VIJAY Department of Surgery Indiana University School of Medicine Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA Pulmonary hypertension is seen in patients in whom there is an increased ...


Date : 01/12/2000

CardioPulse ArticlesEuropean Commissioners petitioned for clean air and reduced noise pollutionProfessor Sir Salvador Moncada MD PhD FRSShould we screen cardiovascular patients for thyroid ...

European Heart Journal, CardioPulse

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In this issue of the journal, Cannon et al. show the protective effects of the new, high-affinity, liver X factor receptor agonist, AZ876, on pathological cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in an ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Metra, Marco

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Tel: +1 507 284 4442, Fax: +1 507 266 0228, Email: Search for more papers by this author Abstract Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is a common but ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Boilson, Barry A., Schirger, John A., Borlaug, Barry A.

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Introduction Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a multifactorial and progressive disease, which is characterized by a sustained increase in pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) and ultimately ...

Cardiovascular Research, Integrative physiology and pathophysiology, You-Fei Fan, Rui Zhang, Xin Jiang, Li Wen, Dan-Chen Wu, Dong Liu, Ping Yuan, Yu-Lin Wang, Zhi-Cheng Jing

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