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Zdenek Vavera1, Pavel Elias2, Pavel Ryska2, Jan Vojacek1 1Department Of Cardiovascular Medicine, Charles University And University Hospital; Hradec Kralove- Czech Republic 2Radiology Faculty Of ...

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Neþe Dursunoðlu1, Dursun Dursunoðlu2, Ali Ýhsan Yýldýz4, Simin Rota3 1Departments Of Chest, Faculty Of Medicine, Pamukkale University; Denizli- Turkey 2Cardiology, Faculty Of ...

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Physical signs at diagnosis usually suggested right heart strain and ventilation/perfusion mismatch and in the five patients with the highest pulmonary artery pressures the pulmonary component of the ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, R J Hall, D McHaffie, C Pusey, G C Sutton

Date : 01/06/1981

Clinical and haemodynamic findings in 23 patients studied by cardiac catheterization and pulmonary arteriography Abstract Twenty-three patients are reported in whom a diagnosis of acute massive ...

British Heart Journal, Articles, G. A. H. Miller, G. C. Sutton

Date : 08/09/2016

OBJECTIVE--To determine the ability of conventional and Doppler echocardiography to distinguish between minor, acute massive, and subacute massive pulmonary embolism in patients with confirmed ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, W Kasper, A Geibel, N Tiede, D Bassenge, E Kauder, S Konstantinides, T Meinertz, H Just

Date : 01/10/1993

Hydralazine did not cause a significant change in pulmonary arterial resistance or pressure in any group but produced a significant reduction in systemic resistance, which correlated with plasma ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M D McGoon, J B Seward, R E Vlietstra, M H Choo, T P Moyer, G S Reeder

Date : 01/12/1983

Seventy-two patients surviving initial treatment by pulmonary embolectomy, streptokinase, or heparin for acute massive pulmonary embolism have been reviewed 1 to 9 years later. There was no definite ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, R J Hall, G C Sutton, I H Kerr

Date : 01/10/1977

Despite anticoagulation with warfarin the patient's condition deteriorated rapidly over a four month period after a further episode of pulmonary embolism and the development of pulmonary ...

British Heart Journal, Case Reports, P A Ribeiro, R Muthusamy, C M G Duran

Date : 01/09/1992

STUART W JAMIESON Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of California Medical Center, San Diego, CA 921038892, USA Pulmonary thromboendarterectomy (PTE) can provide a surgical cure for the pulmonary ...

Heart, Editorial, STUART W JAMIESON

Date : 01/02/1998

Patients present with progressive breathlessness on exertion and the prognosis is poor owing to the development of pulmonary hypertension, with less than 30% five year survival.


Date : 01/06/2001