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[...]the effect of the rise in cytosolic calcium is amplified by enhanced calcium sensitivity of the actin/myosin interaction, achieved by the hypoxia-induced increase in Rho-kinase activity. Ion ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review in Review Focus Series on Hypoxia and the Pulmonary Circulation, E. Kenneth Weir, Andrea Olschewski

Date : 01/09/2006 Item size : 510430 bytes

In the cardiovascular system, cGMP and its primary effector cGMP-dependent protein kinase I (cGKI) play a pivotal role in diminishing smooth muscle vascular tone by cGKI-mediated phosphorylation of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Michaela Kuhn

Date : 01/04/2009

Methods: To this end, we determined pulmonary prostacyclin synthase (PGIS) gene expression, circulating levels of the stable prostacyclin metabolite 6-keto prostaglandin F1α (6-keto-PGF1α), ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Friedrich C Blumberg, Cornelia Lorenz, Konrad Wolf, Peter Sandner, Günter A.J Riegger, Michael Pfeifer

Date : 01/07/2002

Many lines of evidence are consistent with the view that a chronic exposure of endothelial cells to high levels of shear stress with little temporal fluctuations causes them to exhibit an ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Stephan J.L Bakker, Reinold O.B Gans

Date : 14/01/2000

[...]the Rho kinase inhibitor Y-27632 induced a stronger inhibitory effect on the contraction induced by U46619 in 2-week-old than in newborn PA and this was accompanied with minor effects on ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Angel Cogolludo, Laura Moreno, Federica Lodi, Juan Tamargo, Francisco Perez-Vizcaino

Date : 01/04/2005

[...]here we wished to characterize the expression of oestrogen receptors (ERs) in male and female human pulmonary arteries and have examined the influence of oestrogen and serotonin on BMPR2 and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Integrative physiology and pathophysiology, Audrey F. Wright, Marie-Ann Ewart, Kirsty Mair, Margaret Nilsen, Yvonne Dempsie, Lynn Loughlin, Margaret R. Maclean

Date : 01/05/2015

Theories concerning the detailed physiopathology of pulmonary hypertension have focused on endothelial and smooth muscle cells chemical factors production and response to different mediators. ET-1 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Catherine Veyssier-Belot, Patrice Cacoub

Date : 01/11/1999

KeywordsNitric oxidePulmonary circulationAbbreviationsNO, Nitric oxideINO, Inhaled nitric oxideppm, Parts per million, cGMP, Guanosine 35cyclic monophosphateGC, Guanylate cyclaseMetHb, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Christopher S Hayward, Raymond P Kelly, Peter S Macdonald

Date : 15/08/1999

In the present work, we investigated the reversal of CH-induced pulmonary hypertension with a special focus on alterations in the electrophysiological properties of pulmonary artery smooth muscle ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Sébastien Bonnet, Eric Dubuis, Christophe Vandier, Stéphanie Martin, Roger Marthan, Jean-Pierre Savineau

Date : 01/03/2002

Clinical and animal studies implicate increased ET-1 production in the pathogenesis of primary and secondary pulmonary hypertension. Results: In the basal state, rat and human PASMCs synthesize, on ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Boaz A Markewitz, Imad S Farrukh, Yuexian Chen, Yaohui Li, John R Michael

Date : 01/01/2001