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Using a metabolomics approach, our group identified α-ketoglutarate as a novel metabolite that was significantly elevated in patients with heart failure.1 It was as strongly associated with heart ...

Heart, BSCR Spring 2010 Meeting Abstracts, T Nikolaidou, M Mamas, D Oceandy, L Neyses

Date : 01/09/2010

Plasma concentrations of immunoreactive atrial natriuretic peptide (mean (SEM] were measured in 135 patients admitted to two coronary care units with myocardial infarction, ischaemic chest pain, or ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P A Phillips, J Sasadeus, G P Hodsman, J Horowitz, A Saltups, C I Johnston

Date : 01/02/1989

Professor C C Lang Department of Cardiology, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee DD1 9SY, UK;c.c.lang{at} Accepted 30 January 2006 Published Online First 17 February 2006 ...

Heart, Heart review, Chim C Lang, Donna M Mancini

Date : 01/06/2007

Biopsy specimens of the right atria showed amyloid deposits, but specimens of the right ventricles and skin did not. In the two cases studied amyloid deposition mainly affected the atrium, rather ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S Maeda, T Tanaka, T Hayashi

Date : 01/04/1988

A 68 year old male smoker, who was hypertensive, diabetic, and dyslipidaemic, with renal dysfunction (blood urea nitrogen 19 mg/dl, serum creatinine 1.6 mg/dl) and recent troponin T negative unstable ...

Heart, Miscellanea, K Nair, H S Krishnan, J M Tharakan

Date : 01/09/2005

Creatinine clearance and adverse hospital outcomes in patients with acute coronary syndromes: findings from the global registry of acute coronary events (GRACE) Objective: To determine whether ...

Heart, Cardiovascular medicine, J J Santopinto, K A A Fox, R J Goldberg, A Budaj, G Piñero, A Avezum, D Gulba, J Esteban, J M Gore, J Johnson, E P Gurfinkel

Date : 01/09/2003

Professor Eberhard Ritz, Bergheimer Strasse, 56a Heidelberg, 69115, Germany; prof.e.ritz{at} Because of the excessive cardiac risk, treating a patient with renal dysfunction should no ...

Heart, Editorial, E Ritz

Date : 01/09/2003

Ana Teresa Timóteo 1Santa Marta Hospital, CHLC, Lisbon, Portugal 2NOVA Medical School, Lisbon, Portugal 3Working Group on Intensive Cardiac Care of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, Lisbon, ...

Heart, Editorial, Ana Teresa Timóteo

Date : 15/09/2016 Item size : 71790 bytes

Objective In the Apixaban for Prevention of Acute Ischemic Events (APPRAISE-2) trial, the use of apixaban, when compared with placebo, in high-risk patients with a recent acute coronary syndrome ...

Heart, Coronary artery disease, Razi Khan, Renato D Lopes, Megan L Neely, Susanna R Stevens, Robert A Harrington, Rafael Diaz, Frank Cools, Petr Jansky, Gilles Montalescot, Dan Atar, Jose ...

Date : 15/09/2015

Patients meeting the following criteria were deemed suitable for very early discharge; TIMI III flow, left ventricle (LF) ejection fraction >40%, and rhythmic and haemodynamic stability out to ...

Heart, Acute coronary syndromes, Daniel A Jones, Krishnaraj S Rathod, James Philip Howard, Sean Gallagher, Sotiris Antoniou, Rodney De Palma, Oliver Guttmann, Samantha Cliffe, Judith Colley, Jane ...

Date : 01/12/2012