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The loss of normal myocardium and the development of scar tissue are associated with electrical instability manifested as ventricular arrhythmia and potential sudden death. Methods: We present the ...

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Download PDF Larisa Anghel1, Catalina Arsenescu Georgescu1,2 1 Discipline of Cardiology, ,,Prof. Dr. George I. M. Georgescu Cardiovascular Diseases Institute,  Iasi, România 2 ,,Grigore T. Popa ...

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During electrophysiologic study, another ventricular tachycardia was induced with left bundle branch block and horizontal axis morphology as well as that consistent with the clinical ...

Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology, Tekin, Meltem, Canbay, Alper, Diker, Erdem

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The electrocardiogram of the tachycardia (Figure 1) shows left bundle branch block morphology and an inferior axis, with a QRS width > 160 ms. It also shows a Q wave in the aVR lead > 40 ms. These ...

Revista Española de Cardiología

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