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Three genes and a fourth locus responsible for this disease have been identified, and structure-function analysis has shed significant light on the molecular basis of the disease. Mutations in the ...

Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology, GワLTEKンN, Nazmi, ERSANLI, Murat, KワヌワKATE゙, Emine

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METHODS The study was carried out on 21 HCM families with 33 cases of HCM (13 females, 21 males) and 108 phenotype-negative relatives (68 females, 40 males), thus on a total of 14cases screneed by ...

Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology, KワヌワKATE゙, Emine, ERSANLI, Murat, GワLTEKンN, Nazmi, SAYHAN, Nur, MUTLU, Ha�m, KALFOミLU, Ersin, ヨZTワRK, ...

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