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Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2010; 38(4):258-263Genco Yücel1, Tufan Paker2, Atf Akçevin2, Alpay Sezer1, Alpaslan Erylmaz1, Tolga Özyiİit1, Ali Sezer3, Sergin Akpek4, Halil Türkoİlu2, Alain ...

Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology, Yücel, Genco, Paker, Tufan, Akçevin, Atýf, Sezer, Alpay, Eryýlmaz, Alpaslan, Özyiðit, Tolga, Sezer, Ali, Akpek, Sergin, ...

Date : 02/01/2019 Item size : 27539 bytes

In less than two decades, valvular heart disease has seen a true revival in cardiovascular medicine since the first percutaneous replacement of a pulmonary valve by Philipp Bonhoeffer in 2000,1 and ...

European Heart Journal, Lüscher, Thomas F.

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The possible procedure-related complications are stroke, need for a new pacemaker (more frequently for the self-expanding system than for the balloon-expandable system) and paravalvular regurgitation ...

Date : 12/01/2016