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The drug was administered intravenously in a dosage of 0.5 to 2.5 micrograms/kg body weight to 20 patients undergoing coronary angiography and to 10 patients with a recent myocardial infarction, who ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, I Hutton, R G Murray, R N Boyes, A P Rae, W S Hillis

Date : 01/02/1980

Repeat coronary angiography 24 days later after medical treatment (diltiazem and nitrates) showed complete recovery of wall function, and a diffuse vasospasm was induced in both coronary arteries ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, D. Agostini, H. Iida, A. Takahashi

Date : 01/01/1995

[...]revascularisation could improve left ventricular function per se; this mechanism assumes that there must be areas of the heart that are alive but not contracting properly, and that ...

Heart, Review, S R Redwood, R Ferrari, M S Marber

Date : 01/09/1998

Setting: Consecutive patients undergoing coronary angiography at Barts and The London National Health Service (NHS) Trust. Adjustments were made for age, left ventricular dysfunction, ACE inhibitor ...

Heart, Original research, M Justin S Zaman, Julie Sanders, Angela M Crook, Gene Feder, Martin Shipley, Adam Timmis, Harry Hemingway

Date : 01/04/2007

Pappalardo F., Ancona M., Montorfano M., Regazzoli D., Mangieri A., Giannini F., Alfieri O., Colombo A., Latib A. AIMS Pressure-controlled intermittent coronary sinus occlusion (PICSO) is effective ...

Date : 06/05/2016 Item size : 33114 bytes

Lagos O., Fernandez M., Romero M. AIMS To analyse the patients with out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest who had coronary angiography performed during admission from 01/2006 to 02/2013 in the ...

Date : 06/05/2016 Item size : 31514 bytes

Costa F., Gonçalves P., Sousa P., Brito J., Calé R., Santos M., Dores H., Galvïo Santos P., Raposo L., Teles R., Almeida M., Silva A., Mendes M. Aims: Transradial Coronary ...

Date : 17/05/2011 Item size : 33845 bytes

Coronary atherosclerosis and subclinical left ventricular systolic dysfunction in diabetes mellitus In diabetic patients, the diagnosis of CAD is frequently missed or delayed since the typical ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, Arthur J.H.A. Scholte, Gaetano Nucifora, Victoria Delgado, Roxana Djaberi, Mark J. Boogers, Joanne D. Schuijf, Antje V. ...

Date : 01/02/2011 Item size : 279517 bytes

The existing clinical dogma is that stress-induced myocardial ischaemia is important in the management of chronic coronary artery disease (CAD) because it can identify patients with a worse prognosis ...

European Heart Journal, CURRENT OPINION, Raymond J. Gibbons, Todd D. Miller

Date : 07/09/2015 Item size : 272189 bytes

CAA may involve an abnormal origin (number, location, size, angle of origination), course (intramural aortic), termination, or structure (fistula) of the coronary arteries.1 Most CAAs are clinically ...

Europace, Short Communication, Petr Parizek, Ludek Haman, Jan Harrer, Miloslav Tauchman, Vladimir Rozsival, Ivo Varvarovsky, Miloslav Pleskot, Miroslav Mestan, Josef Stasek

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