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Off pump coronary artery bypass surgery for significant left ventricular dysfunction: safety, feasibility, and trends in methodology over time—an early experience Dr Erez Sharoni Department of ...

Heart, Interventional cardiology and surgery, E Sharoni, H K Song, R J Peterson, R A Guyton, J D Puskas

Date : 01/04/2006

Abstract Aims To evaluate the incidences of and risk factors predisposing to appropriate and inappropriate shocks and mortality in a real-world population of patients with ischaemic heart disease ...

Europace, CLINICAL RESEARCH, Peter Weeke, Jens Brock Johansen, Ole Dan Jørgensen, Jens Cosedis Nielsen, Mogens Møller, Regitze Videbæk, Michael Vinther Højgaard, Sam Riahi, Peter Karl ...

Date : 01/08/2013 Item size : 269036 bytes

Over time many stroke risk stratification schema have been developed, initially with the objective to better define high-risk patients who could be subjected to an inconvenient (and potentially ...

Europace, Editorial, Ron Pisters, Jonas B. Olesen, Gregory Y.H. Lip

Date : 01/01/2012 Item size : 140103 bytes

Mehmet Özaydýn1, Ercan Varol2, Yasin Türker1, Oktay Peker3, Doðan Erdoðan2, Abdullah Doðan4, Erdoðan Ýbriþim3 1Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Týp Fakültesi, ...

Date : 12/01/2017 Item size : 37307 bytes

Fatih Ýslamoðlu1, Anýl Z. Apaydýn2, Mustafa Özbaran2, Münevver Yüksel1, Ali Telli1, Ýsa Durmaz1 1Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Ege University Medical Faculty, Ýzmir ...

Date : 12/01/2017 Item size : 35755 bytes

Mehmet Ünal1, Ergun Demirsoy1, Harun Arbatlý1, Selim Tansal1, Naci Yaðan1, Faruk Tükenmez1, Deniz Þener2, Bingür Sönmez1 1Kadir Has Üniversitesi Florence Nightingale Hastanesi ...

Date : 12/01/2017 Item size : 34504 bytes

Eser Acar1, Dilek Ural2, Ulaþ Bildirici3, Tayfun Þahin3, Ýrem Yýlmaz1 1Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Kocaeli University, Kocaeli-Turkey 2Department of Cardiology ...

Date : 12/01/2017 Item size : 33259 bytes

Objective Women with congenital heart disease (CHD) are at risk for adverse cardiac events during pregnancy; however, the risk of events late after pregnancy (late cardiac events; LCE) has not been ...

Heart, Congenital heart disease, Olga H Balint, Samuel C Siu, Jennifer Mason, Jasmine Grewal, Rachel Wald, Erwin N Oechslin, Brigitte Kovacs, Mathew Sermer, Jack M Colman, Candice K Silversides

Date : 15/10/2010

Risk factors for excess mortality in adults with congenital heart diseases Methods and results We conducted a survival analysis using prospective data of 3311 adults with CHD [50.5% males, median ...

European Heart Journal, Oliver, Jose Maria, Gallego, Pastora, Gonzalez, Ana Elvira, Garcia-Hamilton, Diego, Avila, Pablo, Yotti, Raquel, Ferreira, Ignacio, Fernandez-Aviles, Francisco

Date : 08/03/2017

Circulating N-terminal pro-atrial natriuretic peptide is an independent predictor of left ventricular hypertrophy in the general populationThe Troms ¸ Study Purpose The purpose of this study was to ...

European Heart Journal, Schirmer, H., Omland, T.

Date : 01/05/1999