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There was no significant difference in the extent of coronary disease or abnormalities of left ventricular function between patients with exercise induced ST segment elevation that was noted to occur ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, K M Fox, A Jonathan, A Selwyn

Date : 01/01/1983

Progression of coronary artery stenoses was a characteristic finding in patients whose left ventricular end-diastolic pressures did not return to normal. Six patients who had coronary bypass ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J E Otterstad, O Christensen, K Levorstad, S Nitter-Hauge

Date : 01/04/1981

Chronic immunosuppression, allograft coronary disease, and restricted availability of donor organs continue to limit the scope of cardiac transplantation. [...]increasingly favourable experience ...

Heart, Research Article, S. Westaby

Date : 01/09/1996

The results in 12 subjects with normal coronary arteries were compared with those in 12 patients with coronary artery disease. Left ventricular ejection fraction fell significantly from resting ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, D S Dymond, J L Caplin, W Flatman, P Burnett, S Banim, R Spurrell

Date : 01/05/1984

Patients were matched on the basis of the presence of postinfarction angina, left ventricular ejection fraction, location of the infarction, peak creatine kinase activity, Killip clinical class, and ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, R W Brower, P Fioretti, M Simoons, M Haalebos, E N Rulf, P G Hugenholtz

Date : 01/11/1985

Haemodynamic effects of hydralazine at rest and during exercise in patients with chronic heart failure. The administration of vasodilator drugs has been shown to have beneficial effects at rest in ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, W R Ginks, D R Redwood

Date : 01/09/1980

A comparison of early mortality and morbidity after single and bilateral internal mammary artery grafting with the free right internal mammary artery. OBJECTIVE--To compare differences in early ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S S Ashraf, N Shaukat, K Akhtar, H Love, J Shaw, D J Rowlands, D Keenan

Date : 01/10/1994

OBJECTIVE--To detect and characterise rapid temporal changes in the left ventricular response to exercise in patients with ischaemic heart disease and to relate these changes to the functional ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, B S Sridhara, S Bhattacharya, X J Liu, P Broadhurst, A Lahiri

Date : 01/12/1993

In published studies, the presence of a CTO on coronary angiography has meant that these patients have been significantly more likely to be managed with either medical therapy or referred for ...

Date : 20/11/2006 Item size : 32494 bytes

Background Factors affecting prognosis after primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI) for ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) include age at presentation, the presence of diabetes ...

Heart, BCS Abstracts 2011, A J Brown, L M McCormick, N E J West

Date : 01/06/2011