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Intravascular Imaging Core Laboratory, Cardiovascular Research Foundation, New York, United States Aims: Following the REMEDEE randomised trial (non-inferiority to Taxus stent) this is the first ...

Date : 21/05/2013 Item size : 35124 bytes

EuroIntervention Twelve-month results of the REMEDEE trial: a randomised comparison of a sirolimus-eluting CD 34 antibody-coated stent versus a paclitaxel-eluting stent in patients with de-novo ...

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By multivariate analysis, valve implant depth quartile was the strongest independent predictor of 30-day pacemaker implantation (hazard ratio 1.81; 95% confidence interval 1.18-2.77; p0.01), followed ...

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Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection FractionAuthors West Ryenn, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC, USASearch for more papers by this author Liang Li, ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, West, Ryenn, Liang, Li, Fonarow, Gregg C., Kociol, Robb, Mills, Roger M., O'Connor, Christopher M., Hernandez, Adrian F.

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Heart failureAsiaEpidemiologyRisk factorsEthnicityIntroduction Chronic heart failure (HF) is a global public health problem.1 Whereas prior multi-national HF surveys have provided important insights ...

European Heart Journal, Fasttrack Clinical, Carolyn S.P. Lam, Tiew-Hwa Katherine Teng, Wan Ting Tay, Inder Anand, Shu Zhang, Wataru Shimizu, Calambur Narasimhan, Sang Weon Park, Cheuk-Man Yu, ...

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Methods and results The numbers of circulating CD34+/KDR+ EPCs were determined with flow cytometry in 51 consecutive patients with persistent AF [the mean age: 67 ± 1.3 years, male (65%)] prior to ...

Europace, Atrial Fibrillation - Clinical Issues, Chung-Wah Siu, Timothy Watson, Wing-Hon Lai, Yee-Ki Lee, Yap-Hang Chan, Kwong-Man Ng, Chu-Pak Lau, Gregory Y.H. Lip, Hung-Fat Tse

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Introduction There has been a rapid growth of publications from China over the last 20 years, with China becoming the second largest producer of scientific papers across all disciplines in the year ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Diane Gal, Wouter Vandevelde, Heping Cheng, Karin R. Sipido

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Short-term exposure to physiological levels of 17β-estradiol enhances endothelium-independent relaxation in porcine coronary artery Abstract Objectives: While alterations in cholesterol and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Hwee Teoh, Susan W.S. Leung, Ricky Y.K. Man

Date : 01/04/1999 Item size : 289846 bytes

Effects of a transitional palliative care model on patients with end-stage heart failure: a randomised controlled trial Frances Kam Yuet Wong1, Alina Yee Man Ng1, Paul Hong Lee1, Po-tin Lam2, ...

Heart, Heart failure and cardiomyopathies, Frances Kam Yuet Wong, Alina Yee Man Ng, Paul Hong Lee, Po-tin Lam, Jeffrey Sheung Ching Ng, Nancy Hiu Yim Ng, Michael Mau Kwong Sham

Date : 15/07/2016

Guozhen Yuan Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical University, Jining, China Bryan P. Yan Department of Cardiology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China Junli Hu Affiliated Hospital of ...

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, IMAGE FOCUS, Guozhen Yuan, Bryan P. Yan, Junli Hu, Shochun Wang, Jing Ping Sun

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