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14:00 P667 Development of a European heart failure risk score in the general population Annika JAGODZINSKI (Hamburg, DE) 14:00 P668 Suboptimal accuracy of the ED physician and NT-proBNP levels to ...

Poster Session 1: Diagnostic tools in heart failure

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Related documents 08:30 P346 A novel mathematical based software for modeling the left ventricular myocardium S Ranjbar (Tehran, IR) 08:30 P347 Increased systolic strain rate early after ...

Poster Session 1: Tissue Doppler and speckle tracking

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Caroline Mariette VAN DE HEYNING (Antwerpen, BE) 09:30 P121 The role of selected adipokines in the prediction of the postinfarction left ventricular remodeling with regard to the presence of ...

Club 35 Poster Session Wednesday 11 December: Club35 Poster Session Wednesday 11 December

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A comparison with healthy highlanders and lowlanders Chantal DEDOBBELEER (Anderlecht, BE) 08:30 P1055 Additive value of twist to global longitudinal left ventricular strain in the early detection of ...

Poster Session Saturday 8 December - AM: Tissue Doppler and speckle tracking

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Heart failure with normal ejection fraction. John SANDERSON (Hong Kong, HK) 08:30   Luigi Paolo BADANO (Padua, IT), Jeroen BAX (Leiden, NL), John SANDERSON (Hong Kong, HK), Victoria DELGADO ...

How to get the best out of my echo machine

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Prospective randomized trial of direct endomyocardial implantation of bone marrow cells for treatment of severe coronary artery diseases (PROTECT-CAD trial) Recently, several non-randomized pilot ...

European Heart Journal, Tse, Hung-Fat, Thambar, Sukumaran, Kwong, Yok-Lam, Rowlings, Philip, Bellamy, Greg, McCrohon, Jane, Thomas, Paul, Bastian, Bruce, Chan, John K.F., Lo, Gladys, Ho, Chi-Lai, ...

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14:00 P4891 Abnormal collagen turnover and MMP-9 are the common link between increased arterial stiffness, impaired coronary flow reserve and LV untwisting in untreated hypertensive patients Ignatios ...

Poster session 6: Advanced echocardiographic techniques

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Massimo Francesco PIEPOLI (Piacenza, IT) 14:00 P4811 Atropine sulfate for patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest due to pulseless electrical activity (PEA) Tsukasa YAGI (Kawaguchi, JP) 14:00 ...

Poster session 6: Sudden cardiac death and resuscitation

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Liyew Awoke DESTA (Stockholm, SE) 17:00 3153 Profile of non-educated patients in chronic heart failure: a comparison with educated patients from a large, multicenter, prospective French cohort (ODIN) ...

Powerful prognostic markers in heart failure

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Introduction Chronic heart failure (HF) is a global public health problem.1 Whereas prior multi-national HF surveys have provided important insights into patient characteristics across Europe,2 a ...

European Heart Journal, Lam, Carolyn S.P., Teng, Tiew-Hwa Katherine, Tay, Wan Ting, Anand, Inder, Zhang, Shu, Shimizu, Wataru, Narasimhan, Calambur, Park, Sang Weon, Yu, Cheuk-Man, Ngarmukos, ...

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