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Two groups in Oxford, England, are responsible for data from the UK and China that could transform understanding of cardiovascular epidemiology and spearhead a new era of clinical trials, reports ...

European Heart Journal, CardioPulse, Erik L. Grove, Mareike Lankeit, Katharina Hess, Matthias Freynhofer, Stefan Stojkovic, Christoph Varenhorst, Mark Thomas

Date : 21/03/2015 Item size : 162509 bytes

X-H Zhang1, Z L Lu2, L Liu3 1Department of Community and Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China 2Cardiovascular Institute and Fuwai Hospital, ...

Heart, Global burden of cardiovascular disease, X-H Zhang, Z L Lu, L Liu

Date : 01/09/2008

Tel: +81 22 717 7151, Fax: +81 22 717 7156, Email: Search for more papers by this author Masanobu Miura, Departments of Cardiovascular Medicine and Evidence-based ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Shimokawa, Hiroaki, Miura, Masanobu, Nochioka, Kotaro, Sakata, Yasuhiko

Date : 01/09/2015 Item size : 229533 bytes

Big heart disease: new insights from studies of a million people Two groups in Oxford, England, are responsible for data from the UK and China that could transform understanding of cardiovascular ...

European Heart Journal

Date : 21/03/2015 Item size : 125201 bytes

11:00 P669 Three-dimensional strain in patients with aortic stenosis: a prognostic study Victor Chien-Chia WU (Guishan Township, TW) 11:00 P670 Evaluation of mitral regurgitation severity by proximal ...

Poster session 1: Imaging and valvular heart disease

Date : 30/08/2014 Item size : 95805 bytes

Anna AHIMASTOS (Melbourne, AU) 14:00 P5444 Periinterventional management of novel oral anticoagulants: results of the prospective Dresden NOAC registry Jan BEYER-WESTENDORF (Dresden, DE) 14:00 P5445 ...

Poster Session 7: Intervention/ Peripheral circulation

Date : 03/09/2013 Item size : 358528 bytes

08:30 P1570 Serial assessment of arterial stiffness by cardio-ankle vascular index for prediction of future cardiovascular events in patients with coronary artery disease Kenichiro OTSUKA (Osaka, JP) ...

Poster Session 2: Cardiovascular risk insights

Date : 01/09/2013 Item size : 119440 bytes

08:30 62 Diagnostic accuracy of 64-slice multidetector computed tomography for the evaluation of aortic root in patients selected for transcatheter aortic valve implantation G Pontone (Milano, IT) ...


Date : 16/05/2011 Item size : 119482 bytes

08:30 P905 The efficacy of hand held echocardiography for community based pre-participation screening Pierre LE PAGE (Jersey, GB) 08:30 P906 Cardiac magnetic resonance in pulmonary arterial ...

Poster session Friday 13 December - AM: Systemic diseases and other conditions

Date : 13/12/2013 Item size : 106086 bytes

Insights from magnetic resonance and strain rate imaging Assami ROESNER (Tromsoe, NO) 09:30 P129 Right atrial dimension and deformation: prognostic value in pulmonary hypertension Andreia MAGALHAES ...

Poster session Wednesday 5 December all day display: Assessment of diameters, volumes and mass

Date : 05/12/2012 Item size : 150295 bytes