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Time for primary review 33 days. 1 Introduction Nitric oxide (NO), a free-radical gas, is now considered an important intracellular messenger in cardiovascular, immune, and neural systems [1, 2]. NO ...

Cardiovascular Research, Kurosaki, Kenji, Ikeda, Uichi, Maeda, Yoshikazu, Shimpo, Masahisa, Ueno, Shuichi, Shimada, Kazuyuki

Date : 01/04/1998

Effects of thyroid status on expression of voltage-gated potassium channels in rat left ventricle Abstract Objective: Thyroid hormone modifies cardiac action potentials and outward potassium ...

Cardiovascular Research, Nishiyama, Atsushi, Kambe, Fukushi, Kamiya, Kaichiro, Seo, Hisao, Toyama, Junji

Date : 01/11/1998 Item size : 272288 bytes

Abstract Objective: The present studies were performed to examine the degradation of connexin43-containing gap junctions by the lysosome or the proteasome in normal and heat-stressed cultures of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Laing, James G, Tadros, Peter N, Green, Karen, Saffitz, Jeffrey E, Beyer, Eric C

Date : 01/06/1998 Item size : 295227 bytes

Abstract Objective: Stimulation of A3 adenosine receptors has been shown to protect cardiac myocytes from ischemic injury, but the mechanism of this action is unknown. Hearts were then homogenized ...

Cardiovascular Research, Zucchi, Riccardo, Yu, Gongyuan, Ghelardoni, Sandra, Ronca, Francesca, Ronca-Testoni, Simonetta

Date : 01/04/2001 Item size : 298141 bytes