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Medical meetings provide the opportunity for direct interaction, for question and answer, for debate, and for informal discussions that the medical literature cannot provide. [...]there is the ...

Date : 12/05/2269

During preclinical experiments with contrast we injected CO2 into the coronary artery of dogs and visualised intense myocardial opacification.

Date : 02/05/2269

Dirk Sibbing (chair WG on Thrombosis) Victor Aboyans (chair WG on Aorta-PVD) Scientific committee members:

Date : 22/10/2020

Key information Dates: 6-8 June 2020 Venue: KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands As Amsterdam is home to a major sports competition with events in June 2020, we recommend that you ...

Date : 06/06/2020

There are also plans for a Pre-Meeting on Thursday 16 April, focusing on advanced imaging techniques. The scientific program is designed to cover a wide range of ACHD subjects from exercise, ...

Date : 17/04/2020

First prize winners will receive a 1000€ prize. Runner-up positions (2nd & 3rd) will receive a 250€ prize.

Date : 29/03/2020

In close collaboration with the Japanese Circulation Society (JCS), the ESC brings highlights in key topics from ESC Congress to Japan as part of the Final Programme of the 84th Annual Scientific ...

Date : 13/03/2020

Key figures: +1,000 participants from +70 countries +800 abstract submitted +60 sessions and workshops Challenging case presentations Hands-on sessions 115 international expert faculty ...

Date : 07/03/2020

16th International Dead Sea symposium (IDSS) on Innovations in Cardiac Arrhythmias & Heart Failure

Date : 24/02/2020

Acute Cardiovascular Care congress

Date : 06/02/2020