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In the phase IIB study, serelaxin was safe and well tolerated, with positive clinical outcome symptoms and signals in patients with acute heart failure. There was, however, an improvement in ...

Date : 28/04/2017

The most highly cited article in the European Journal of Heart Failure, and one of the most accessed papers, is by far the 2016 ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic ...

Date : 26/05/2019

In the primary analysis of the trial—which included 5,022 patients with chronic heart failure (after an episode of recent worsening) and underlying coronary artery disease but normal sinus ...

Date : 27/05/2019

Most of the studies behind these claims, however, are considering the effect of coffee in the primary prevention (or risk) of heart disease; less well explored is the association between coffee and ...

Date : 07/05/2010

Acute heart failure patients with ‘metabolically healthy obesity’ have better survival than those with ‘metabolically unhealthy obesity’ or with normal weight regardless of ...

Date : 06/12/2018

BARCELONA, Spain – Monday 1 September: Regulation of the autonomic nervous system with a device that delivers continuous, low-amplitude stimulation to the vagus nerve can significantly improve ...

Date : 01/09/2014

Sweden is unique among countries in having comprehensive and high-quality cardiovascular registry data, says Prof. Omerovic, allowing a relatively large number of patients to be investigated over a ...

Date : 28/05/2019

Hot Line I - Acute myocardial infarction In patients with a large myocardical infarction (MI), pacing, with the left ventricular (LV) lead placed in the area of the lesion (peri-infarct) did not ...

Date : 30/08/2015

Long-term mortality with a cardiac contractility modulation (CCM) device is comparable to that seen with standard therapies in chronic heart failure, reassuring clinicians and indicating that further ...

Date : 21/05/2016

Congratulations to the 2017 Winners Ms. Petra Nijst (Genk, Belgium) Ms. Petra Nijst is awarded the 2017 Young Investigator Award in Clinical Science Biography After obtaining my medical degree from ...

Date : 29/04/2017