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The announcement comes as the long-term phase of the cardiomyopathy registry is started and the study on heart failure patients conducted in collaboration with the Organisation for Economic ...

Date : 30/08/2014

Having a non-O blood group is associated with a higher risk of heart attack, according to research presented today at Heart Failure 2017 and the 4th World Congress on Acute Heart Failure.1 Lead ...

Date : 30/04/2017

“A lot more attention needs to be paid to CSA in heart failure,” said presenter of the study Professor Piotr Ponikowski, from the Medical University, 4th Military Hospital (Wroclaw, ...

Date : 31/05/2010

In the primary analysis of the trial—which included 5,022 patients with chronic heart failure (after an episode of recent worsening) and underlying coronary artery disease but normal sinus ...

Date : 27/05/2019

On 5th May, the European Heart Journal (1) published a meta-analysis associating digitalis use with death in published patient cohorts of heart failure and/or atrial fibrillation. In line with this ...

Date : 07/05/2015

BARCELONA, Spain – Monday 1 September: Regulation of the autonomic nervous system with a device that delivers continuous, low-amplitude stimulation to the vagus nerve can significantly improve ...

Date : 01/09/2014

According to recent data from meta-analyses (1), participation into exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programs would lead to a significant reduction in all-cause mortality (by ±19%), ...

Date : 06/11/2018

The flu jab is associated with a reduced risk of hospitalisation in patients with heart failure, according to research presented today in a late breaking trial session at Heart Failure 2016 and the ...

Date : 23/05/2016

Paris, France, 28 August: The echocardiographic response (reduction of left ventricular end-systolic volume) evaluated at 6 months follow-up, demonstrated to be a better predictor of long-term ...

Date : 28/08/2011

Percutaneously reducing secondary mitral regurgitation appears futile when tested in all heart failure patients, according to late breaking research presented today in a Hot Line Session at ESC ...

Date : 27/08/2018