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The researchers, led by cardiologist Dr Hanno Tan (MD, PhD) at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), found that men and women did not receive equal treatment when suffering a cardiac arrest ...

Date : 22/05/2019

Professor Doron Zahger, Chairperson of the Scientific Programme, said: “All healthcare professionals working in acute cardiac care manage high risk patients in various situations such as acute ...

Date : 15/09/2016

Asked why an extra Hot Line session has been added this year, with 27 presentations in total, Professor Fox said: ? We have an abundance of riches, with an all time high of 247 Hot Line and Clinical ...

Date : 28/07/2014

On Friday 18 May, EuroPCR 2012 said farewell to all 11,387 participants from the interventional cardiology community, industry partners and journalists. The PCR mission to serve the needs of each ...

Date : 18/05/2012

Revascularisation strategies for unprotected left main coronary disease: results from a GRACE registry study - PCI and CABG appear to provide complementary treatment options in ULMCD ...

Date : 31/08/2009

Acute cardiac care, that first emergency phase in which the chest pain is assessed and its cause treated, embraces a broad spectrum of diagnoses ranging from unstable angina to acute heart failure, ...

Date : 17/10/2008