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The researchers, led by cardiologist Dr Hanno Tan (MD, PhD) at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), found that men and women did not receive equal treatment when suffering a cardiac arrest ...

Date : 22/05/2019

(1) “There is seasonal variation in the occurrence of heart attack, with incidence declining in summer and peaking in winter,” said first author Dr Moman A. Mohammad, from the Department ...

Date : 28/08/2017

Experts from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) will present a special programme.2 “Cardioprotective medications such as aspirin, statins, and beta-blockers are prescribed to patients who ...

Date : 19/09/2016

Topics: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Risk Assessment and Management Date: 24 Feb 2015 Study confirms that anger can act as a trigger for myocardial infarction (MI) and calls for strategies to ...

Date : 24/02/2015

Beta blockers, aldosterone antagonists and in particular ACE-inhibitors have been the gold standard for the treatment of patients suffering from heart failure due to reduced ejection fraction for the ...

Date : 28/01/2015

In the overall study population treatment with ivabradine did not result in a significant reduction of the primary composite end point (Cardiovascular death, admission to hospital for acute MI and ...

Date : 31/08/2008