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Experts from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) will present a special programme.1 “Our findings are worrying, given that adults who were obese in childhood and adolescence are the most ...

Date : 23/09/2016

Physical activity decreases the risk of sudden cardiac death in unfit men, reveals research presented at the ESC Congress today by Dr Jari Laukkanen and Dr Magnus Hagnas from Finland. Dr Laukkanen ...

Date : 01/09/2013

Most of us therefore believe that by fine-tuning exercise modalities we can tailor exercise protocols to each patient´s specific needs - therapy targets, main risk factors, underlying disease, ...

Date : 18/01/2019

[...]the differences in diet, physical activity and smoking between wealthy and poor households were less marked among those living in urban areas than those living in rural areas. “Policies to ...

Date : 26/08/2012

Professor Kui-Hian Sim, President Elect of the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology, said: “In many of the countries in Asia Pacific the malnutrition problem nowadays is not undernutrition it is ...

Date : 21/02/2013

Embargo: 10 October 2015 at 02:05 CEST Depression doubles the risk of another heart attack or death “Depression is almost three times more common in people who have had a heart attack than in ...

Date : 10/10/2015

Based on epidemiologic studies in primary prevention it is reasonable to estimate that 30% of coronary heart disease and stroke could be prevented by 2.5 hours of brisk walking per week and ...

Date : 30/08/2009

A worldwide study has shown that physical activity during work and leisure time significantly lowers the risk of heart attacks in both developed and developing countries. [...]few studies have ...

Date : 11/01/2012

The highly anticipated ESC Congress 2016 hot lines are set to reveal the latest discoveries in the fields of heart failure, cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention, and coronary artery disease in six ...

Date : 27/07/2016

Patients with heart disease who sit a lot have worse health even if they exercise, reveals research published today in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention.1 Get up and move every 30 ...

Date : 26/11/2015