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European Heart Journal – Case Reports (EHJ - Case Reports) is the new international, online only, fully open access (OA) journal of high quality cardiology case reports, published by Oxford ...

Date : 27/06/2017

Multiple international societies were represented in the faculty to underscore the true interdisciplinary approach of the meeting including the ESC Board by the President elects of the ESC, Barabara ...

Date : 27/03/2018

[...]presenting the data at the Late Breaking Trial session, Dr. Schmidt said that—overall—the early post-procedure stroke rate and the echo-detected thrombus rate were lower than what ...

Date : 21/06/2017

Professor John Camm (St George’s University of London, London, UK) reported results of a study comparing the use of OACs vs no OACs—and, within this, a comparison of non-vitamin K ...

Date : 29/08/2018

Professor Thomas F. Lüscher (Zurich Heart House, Zurich, Switzerland), the Editor- in-Chief of the EHJ, says that the goal of the ESC Journal Family is to “provide a comprehensive, ...

Date : 28/08/2017

Earlier guidelines on Atrial Fibrillation had been prepared collaboratively with the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, but the divergence in practice, drug treatments ...

Date : 29/08/2010

In-depth peer-reviewed articles and an expert editorial board—overseen by a prestigious panel of editors comprising Professor John Camm from St Georges Hospital, University of London, UK, ...

Date : 25/08/2018

The arrhythmia is not directly life-threatening, but it can cause severe complications, for example strokes. While medical progress has markedly reduced mortality of several cardiovascular diseases, ...

Date : 14/11/2013

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is making important changes to the editorial focus of the EP Europace journal. In a move designed to align content with the needs of the wider ...

Date : 09/02/2012

An update of the ESC Guidelines on the management of atrial fibrillation is likely "to have a major impact in reducing the complications of this arrhythmia", according to the chairman of the ...

Date : 25/08/2012